2016: A Year in Review

EC’s Teddy Bear mascot, HOPE, provides comfort during a surrogacy journey.

Driven by a commitment to strive for the very best, Extraordinary Conceptions took definitive strides in 2016 in an effort to better serve its egg donors, surrogates, and intended parents. Introspectively, these exciting steps were made on behalf of these incredible individuals who invariably motivate the entire Extraordinary Conceptions team.

While achieving newer heights in 2016, the agency’s unwavering progress further redefined its pathway to help intended parents finally embrace their dreams of parenthood through the help of assisted reproduction. Extraordinary Conceptions has helped those devastated by infertility, or those regardless of their sexual orientation, finally experience the love of a child.

In May of 2016, this international surrogacy agency headquartered in San Diego, CA., announced its new office in Jacksonville, North Carolina. The goal was to better assist its East Coast and international clients.

“This new locale has offered tremendous service to our East Coast surrogates before our San Diego headquarters open on the West Coast,” said Mario Caballero, chief executive officer of Extraordinary Conceptions. “In tandem, it has served our European intended parents well who are using IVF clinics on the East Coast.”

With knowledge at the forefront, Extraordinary Conceptions once again attended a highly regarded educational annual conference this year. The agency sent 12 of its team members to Salt Lake City, Utah, to take part in the ASRM Scientific Congress & Expo.

2016: A Year in Review

Mario Caballero with his associates at the annual ASRM meeting.

“It’s incredibly important that our staff knows how much our agency values them, and this is why I sent so many of them to this annual meeting,” Caballero said. “This conference sharpened their skills which in turn has benefited our clients.”

Like always, this level of care also transcended to their surrogates.

While most surrogacy agencies offer a life insurance policy to its surrogates, Extraordinary Conceptions far surpassed the “$250,000 norm” by boosting its coverage to $750,000 in 2016. In addition to increasing life insurance policies, the agency also decided to boost its compensation for its California surrogates.

“The State of California offers favorable surrogacy laws. In response to this, we raised compensation from $35,000 to $40,000 for women who become surrogates in this State,” said Caballero, noting how an entire benefits package now starts at $45,000. 

New surrogate signing bonuses skyrocketed in 2016 at the agency. For Extraordinary Conceptions, these bonuses were one way to thank the women who have stepped forward to help those wanting to become parents who couldn’t otherwise do so without their help.

At certain times throughout the year, these bonuses encompassed repeat surrogates that were first-timers with Extraordinary Conceptions.

“Despite whatever agency a former surrogate was from, we wanted to acknowledge these repeat surrogates who had successful journeys and gift them a $3,000 signing bonus for giving so much of themselves to help others,” said Caballero, adding how those candidates were ready to start the surrogacy process immediately.

In an effort to meet the needs of intending parents, surrogates and egg donors in 2016, Extraordinary Conceptions continued to offer its own in-house licensed marriage family therapist.

“We realize that very few agencies do this, but it was essential to us that we have Shannon available to everyone,” Caballero said.  

Staying connected was another important feature for Extraordinary Conceptions so it enhanced its social media experience by way of Surrogate Scoop on Facebook Live. Surrogate Scoop has been described by many as enjoyable and offers relevant topics for potential surrogates.

2016: A Year in Review

The hostess of Surrogate Scoop, Tere B.

Surrogate Scoop has undoubtedly proven itself to be a unique and fun way to provide information and answers in a more personal and casual atmosphere for those wanting to learn more about surrogacy,” Caballero explained. “This live feed features our surrogate advocate, Tere B., who was also our former surrogate. Her knowledge offers a great educational platform for women.”

Last but not least, Extraordinary Conceptions welcomed its new Teddy Bear mascot, HOPE. These special Teddy Bears are a universal symbol of comfort for the agency’s intended parents and surrogates.

“HOPE compassionately reminds us all that parenthood is within our reach through surrogacy,” Caballero shared. 

As 2016 comes to a close, Extraordinary Conceptions welcomes 2017. A new year brings new opportunities to expand the agency’s kindhearted and professional service so that the love of a child can be achieved.