$2,016 Surrogate Signing Bonus

Leading surrogacy agency gives 2016 financial rewards

While the celebration of a New Year has officially arrived, it is an occasion to look forward to happiness and wellness. For some individuals and couples, it is also a time of renewed hope in building their families through the miracle of surrogacy.

With hope, the opportunities of 2016 are endless and Extraordinary Conceptions, a leading international California surrogacy and egg donor agency, brings this joy to those who want to experience the love of a child. In doing so, Extraordinary Conceptions is gifting something special to the altruistic women who want to become surrogates.

“We are ringing in 2016 in an enormous way with our New Year’s $2,016 Surrogate Signing Bonus,” said Mario Caballero, chief executive officer at Extraordinary Conceptions. “New surrogates who complete the admissions process from January 1 to 31, 2016 will receive a remarkable $2,016 signing bonus.”

A top-tier agency, Extraordinary Conceptions’ generous surrogate benefit packages begin at $40,000 for single births and $50,000 for twins.

Caballero went on to say that their repeat surrogates can also qualify for this signing bonus if ladies are matched during this time period and all screenings are passed during January 2016.

“Surrogates give a precious gift to intending parents and we couldn’t think of a more extraordinary way of giving back to the women who make these parenthood dreams come true,” Caballero said.


Bonus Incentives Eligibility

To qualify for the New Year’s $2,016 Surrogate Signing Bonus, the surrogate applicant must complete the application/registration by January 31, 2016. Bonuses are paid once all legal contracts are signed and according to the month the initial application is submitted. To begin the application process today, please visit Extraordinary Conceptions at www.extraconceptions.com or call at 760-438-2265.