A Bridge of Support for IPs

A Bridge of Support for IPs

It is estimated that in 2015 more than 2,000 babies will be born via surrogacy in the United States. This country remains a robust surrogacy destination for those who live in the nation as well as overseas since a number of states offer a legal platform which protects the surrogate, the intended parent(s), and their newborn.

In the states, everyone is afforded the right to legal representation for a surrogacy contract, and ultimately, the intended parents’ right of parentage.

Working with a leading surrogate agency and third party reproductive attorney keeps all parties fully informed while protecting them.

However, while business matters are taking shape in the background, the surrogacy journey is one filled with hope and emotion. Regarded organizations such as RESOLVE highlight the struggles of infertility in tandem with how building a family can be achieved. Remarkable women are stepping into the surrogate spotlight to help individuals or couples build their family. Surrogates are making dreams come true every day for someone who so desperately has wanted a baby for so long.

While the reality of parenthood nears, providing emotional support to intended parents is of the utmost importance to surrogate agencies in good standing.

Shannon Herman, MA, who is a Marriage and Family Therapist for Extraordinary Conceptions, a California surrogacy agency, explains the significance in extending this type of support during these times.

First, she conducts a psychological consultation where the following is reviewed:

• Family background
• Personal background
• Expectations

And more…

“We discuss what has brought them to the decision to use a surrogate and talk about the journey that they have already been through. Most intended parents coming to us have been through a very physically and emotionally draining journey of trying to expand their families,” Herman said. She added, “They are trying to stay hopeful but are skeptical of everything because they are afraid that something is going to go wrong since this is what they are used to.”

Herman’s unwavering mission is to help assist the intended parent(s) by making certain that the surrogate they have chosen mirrors their expectations and desires. In tandem, this is both a critical and exciting time during the early stages.

“I am there to provide them with the support they need during the surrogacy to make sure that their current needs are being met and that they feel included in the birth of their child,” she said.

Herman succeeds in this by ensuring that her intended parents have a platform to share their feelings and opinions. And making certain that intended parents have a special connection to the pregnancy of their child enriches the surrogacy experience even more.

Her compassionate job is to be present for all involved while providing ongoing support on both an emotional and psychological level.

Herman went on to say that seeing the excitement on the intended parents’ faces, as well as the surrogates when a baby is born, is an amazing thing to be part of. It leaves an indelible imprint.

“There are so many people that want and deserve to be parents that can’t conceive and to see them finally have a child and become parents is so powerful and heartwarming,” she said.


The information contained on this website should not be relied upon for decision making.  The laws related to surrogacy are constantly evolving and Extraordinary Conceptions makes no representation that any information contained herein is consistent with current  law. This information is provided solely as starting point.  Please consult with a reproductive attorney for the most current information applicable to your circumstance.