Human Pregnancy

Without surrogates, there would be lots of childless couples and individuals around the world unable to have a baby. Extraordinary Conceptions, a leading international surrogate and egg donor agency headquartered in Southern California, understands this on a personal level. Its founders battled infertility for several years until they decided to seek the help of a surrogate. More than a decade ago, they had their twins.

Fueled by passion to build families globally, Extraordinary Conceptions realizes that taking care of its surrogates is paramount.

Extraordinary Conceptions is a top-shelf agency with a strong presence in California, around the United States of America, and globally. It has set industry standards incredibly high to ensure the best care possible for its intended parents, surrogates and egg donors.

This is why they want to make the surrogacy journey as wonderful as possible for everyone involved.

While surrogates at Extraordinary Conceptions have the potential to earn $30,000 to $60,000, this regarded agency supports its surrogate mothers in a host of other ways. A high quality agency, it offers a many services for these lovely giving women.

Their monthly direct deposit feature has been appreciated by surrogates living all over the country. These installments are based on the surrogacy fee and the woman’s monthly allowance.

Once all contracts are signed, a direct deposit is only a click away. Surrogates no longer have to wait for slow moving mail or lost checks. Now, they can receive timely deposits in their bank accounts. In fact, Extraordinary Conceptions is happy to split these payments by depositing a portion into a savings account and checking account.

Extraordinary Conceptions has former surrogates working at its headquarters. One champions an online surrogate support group called, Surrogate Sisterhood. This cyber refuge is a surrogate’s special place for emotional support and for cheers of celebration.

Former surrogates at Extraordinary Conceptions also have the unique opportunity to earn surrogate referral fees.

Without surrogates, the dream of parenthood would never come to fruition, so caring for surrogates in all these special ways is what Extraordinary Conceptions does best.

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