Human Pregnancy

Both here in the United States and abroad, building a family is at the very heart of so many households. Along with unconditional love and acceptance, family creates everlasting memories.

However, for some, they are unable to create the families they so desperately seek. Be it infertility challenges or same sex marriages, hurdles can block this inherent desire.

The wonderful news is that surrogacy can remove those hurdles and embrace a unique type of unity.

Extraordinary Conceptions, a top-tier egg donor and surrogate agency based in California, is humbled by the fact they have helped numerous couples and individuals all over the world have a baby. Their surrogates are sprinkled all over the nation, giving future parents an array of options and choices.

These women are intelligent, mindful, and altruistic on so many levels. They can’t imagine life without a child and have an “internal calling” to help.

Over the years, Extraordinary Conceptions has heard heartfelt stories from those unable to have a child of their own and surrogacy enabled them to have a baby. The founders of Extraordinary Conceptions struggled with their own infertility for years and finally had their twins via surrogacy. Compassion is the hallmark of Extraordinary Conceptions.

While each story varies, the most common reasons intended parents have sought surrogacy has been the following:

  • A surrogate has helped a couple who battled infertility
  • A surrogate has enabled a woman to have a baby who is unable to do so due to an underlying illness
  • A surrogate has helped a woman who underwent cancer treatments which rendered her infertile
  • A surrogate can help two gay husbands become fathers
  • A surrogate can help a woman who wants to start a family in her mature years when getting pregnant is no longer an option
  • A surrogate makes it possible for an intended parent(s) to take part in the unbridled joy of childbirth

And so many more…

Here is a profound thanks to all the surrogate mothers who gave and continue to give the priceless gift of a “family.”

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