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Infertility or the inability to have a baby is a delicate matter.  And for many, reaching out to an agency which can assist future parents in having a child may be a difficult first step.

But for many, that first step is one filled with “hope” because of a surrogate.

Extraordinary Conceptions, an international agency, which matches egg donors and surrogates to couples and individuals is a place of compassion, dignity, and dedication.

Above all, they understand the emotional toll that infertility can bring.

The founder of Extraordinary Conceptions, Stephanie Caballero, Esq, struggled with infertility.  By her side, her husband Mario also experienced the grief of numerous failed IVF and artificial inseminations attempts. 

“Our company is unique in the sense that we have gone through infertility ourselves,” said Mario Caballero, Executive Director at Extraordinary Conceptions.It was my wife’s dream to carry a baby — she wanted to feel pregnant and felt it was her God given right to carry a baby.”

Ultimately, Stephanie’s cousin became their surrogate, carrying and delivering their twins.

Since their dream of parenthood was fulfilled because of a surrogate, their desire to give couples and individuals that same chance to be intended parents through Extraordinary Conceptions was unwavering.

Mario empathizes with people who reach out to him, most of them, he said, from middle-income families. Couples immediately connect with Mario because of his personal story.

Above all, both couples and surrogates are impressed with how the business is conducted from the “heart.”

At Extraordinary Conceptions, couples find a new glimmer of hope, especially with surrogate mothers.  At Extraordinary Conceptions, surrogates are held in “high regard,” because they fulfill the dreams of parenthood and are truly working “miracles” every day.

For those interested in learning more about becoming a surrogate and its generous compensation, please visit our contact page or call 760-438-2265 to speak with one of our caring specialists at Extraordinary Conceptions.