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Carrying a baby for someone who is unable to do so has the ability to create memories brimful of joy, hope and excitement.

Sherrie, a surrogate mother, is experiencing all these special emotions as her delivery day inches closer.

A resident of San Diego County, Sherrie, 24, is a stay-at-home mom.

“I am a mother of three beautiful children and it’s amazing,” she said. “I went from one to three children in just two years.”

Sherrie said when she had her daughter on her 18th birthday it completely changed her life.

“I got married and became a stepmother to my husband’s son, then shortly after, had another baby with my husband. I feel like I was destined to be a mother and wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Sherrie shares a common parenthood mantra: “It’s brought happiness, frustration, craziness, and an insane amount of love into my life.”

And through the gift of surrogacy, she can now give her loving, international intended parents in China the same amazing feeling.

While Sherrie has given birth before, this is her first time doing so as a surrogate.

Sherrie chose to partner with Extraordinary Conceptions, a leading international surrogate and egg donor agency, and they are humbled that she did.

It was a few years ago when Sherrie heard about surrogacy. But at that time in her life, she wasn’t ready to embrace such a commitment.

“After I decided I was done having children of my own, I had a complete change of heart and decided to search about surrogacy,” she said. “I really wanted to be pregnant again, and the thought of helping someone gaining what they want most in life, a baby, was just too amazing of an experience to pass up.”

At the start of the New Year, Sherrie has plans to attend school to become a veterinary technician. But first, she wanted to be a surrogate and was happy she had the flexibility to schedule her future schooling around the pregnancy.

Sherrie had her own special reasons as to why she wanted to travel down the surrogacy road.  First, she wanted to experience that distinct feeling knowing she did something utterly incredible for someone else.

Having had a history of seamless pregnancies, she knew carrying again would be a breeze.

Her other reason for becoming a surrogate was deeply rooted.

“I also wanted to inspire others with what I was doing,” she said, proudly.

As a first time surrogate, Sherrie was careful in her decision making process.

Extraordinary Conceptions seemed to be the most organized, she said, and they provided the most information on what to expect throughout the journey. Sherrie knew it was the right place for her because of their honest approach.

Likewise, they have been on hand to answer any questions she had along the way.

Sherrie admits the most challenging part were the shots. And she expected that.

“But despite the shots, this process has been really smooth and easy. I’ve had a very healthy pregnancy and will be delivering in two weeks or less,” Sherrie said. She added, “The intended mother was so kind and let me name the baby.”

While Sherrie has inspired others through her selfless act of surrogacy, she is quick to point out that it’s an obligation.

“When I was thinking about it, I had to weigh in how it would affect my husband and my children,” she said. Sherrie was mindful in how she would explain the process to them while making it work as a family unit.

Rightly so, surrogates deserve to be paid for their commitment and dedication.

Sherrie admits the generous compensation she is receiving from Extraordinary Conceptions is wonderful.

“The money has helped us to be able to do more as a family,” she said, noting how any financial burden they felt before has been lifted.

Through it all, what Sherrie is looking forward to most is the day the intended mother finally sees her baby’s face for the very first time.

“This will mean everything to me and it’s an experience I will never forget,” she said.

For those wanting to learn more about surrogacy or repeat surrogacy and its top-tier compensation, please visit our contact page or call 760-438-2265 to speak with one of our caring specialists at Extraordinary Conceptions.