Like the years before, 2014 has flown by. Left in its path are memories. Our most unforgettable ones are of you, our intended parents, surrogates and egg donors, who continue to leave indelible imprints. Extraordinary Conceptions cannot thank everyone enough for the trust they have graciously imparted to us not only in 2014, but for all the other years which have passed.

With our very first steps into 2015, we’d like to turn back to 2014 with infinite gratitude.

We are incredibly thankful to our surrogates and egg donors who gave so many individuals the precious gift of a baby. Childless couples who thought they’d never have a family did so in 2014.

While we reflect on the happenings of last year, we’d be remiss if we didn’t recognize the media for acknowledging the work Extraordinary Conceptions does each and every day.

In 2014, Extraordinary Conceptions was featured in both The Rancho Santa Fe News and The Coast News highlighting the company founders. This husband and wife duo struggled with their fertility and eventually had twins via surrogacy more than a decade ago. Their heartfelt story underscored their compassion within the company.

Our very own Surrogate Specialist and resident “Surrogate Big Sister,” Christa Lynch garnered some special media attention in 2014. She was featured in Lola Magazine and U-T San Diego. Christa, the relentless educator, afforded readers the opportunity to learn more about surrogacy and all the wonder it has to offer.

Congratulations to Christa for doing such an impeccable job.

During the holidays, Extraordinary Conceptions hosted its first holiday party and fundraiser. While its clients, surrogates and egg donors mingled, fundraising efforts were underway. Guests brought in unwrapped gifts and clothing to support the local nonprofit, Solutions for Change, which helps homeless families and transitions them to shelter. Once again, The Coast News was there to capture this special event.

In 2014, Extraordinary Conceptions also journeyed to Europe a few times to host its educational receptions. They were so well-received because individuals, couples, and those in the LGBT community listened to valuable information regarding surrogacy, how it works, and where it is legal to do so.

With 2015 here, Extraordinary Conceptions wishes you and yours a healthy and wonderful New Year. Above all, we can turn those dreams of parenthood into a reality.

Happy New Year!