Advancing Ethical Conduct

Surrogacy: promoting ethical and moral conduct.

While international surrogacy continues to grow around the world, more than ever, the need to promote ethical and moral conduct must come to the forefront. When organizations emerge eliciting such characteristics, it’s vital to recognize such efforts.

And as far as Extraordinary Conceptions is concerned, the management of Babygest and Surrofair should receive such praise.

“We are proud to be associated with an organization such as Babygest and Surrofair that examines the practices of all companies that it works with on a regular basis in order to protect all parties involved in a surrogacy agreement,” said Mario Caballero, CEO of Extraordinary Conceptions, a leading international surrogacy and egg donor agency. “We commend them for their integrity and diligence.” 

Headquartered in Spain, Babygest is an informational online surrogacy magazine, while Surrofair is considered to be a prominent surrogacy fair helping those who want to learn more about the building of their family with the assistance of a surrogate.  

Babygest and Surrofair educate all about the surrogacy journey.  

Recently, its management sent a correspondence explaining their reasoning for banning some companies and organizations which they believed were not conducting themselves in a professional and ethical manner. 

The correspondence reads, “From the very beginning, our purpose was to make public the names of those companies with whom we have decided not to work with because, in our view, their way of dealing with surrogacy involves various illegal, unethical, and irresponsible practices. Through this announcement, the management of Babygest and Surrofair intends to hurt no one, but just help those wishing to create a family.” It continues on to read, “We believe there is a need for them to be informed on the reasons why we have made this decision. Furthermore, we take this opportunity to remind you that we examine the practices of all companies on a regular basis, and therefore we do not rule out the possibility of adding to this list whenever we consider it necessary.”

The correspondence goes on to discuss “best practices” which aims to educate intended parents on the safety and wellness of their future baby.

“If you are offered options such as shifting the surrogate from one country to another, hiding your sexual orientation, or disguising a woman as your partner when she is actually not because you would not be allowed to sign a contract otherwise, don’t do it. You should know that, from the moment you agree to those terms on, you are putting the life of your baby in danger, and if things do not go the way you expected, you will be held accountable for your actions, too.”

Again, we commend the management of Babygest and Surrofair on their exceptional mission who remain dedicated to upholding surrogacy to sterling standards.

To read their announcement in its entirety including their list, please visit their online magazine here