Many women wanting to donate their eggs wonder what the process is like and what they can expect.

While reading content articles can be beneficial, the best way to discover how it works is to read about someone’s personal experience.

Maya, decided to go with Extraordinary Conceptions, because she felt that this international egg donor and surrogate agency was the most genuine in nature. A leading agency, Extraordinary Conceptions helps all people; including Asian families attain their parenthood dreams by its unique matching services.

Employed as a professional information technology analyst, Maya was thrilled that her egg donation had been so positive. In fact, she thought it was easier than what she had originally anticipated.

Maya has donated more than once.

“The schedule is far less demanding than it’s made out to be. The clinics are flexible and appreciate honesty,” Maya said. She continued, “There is minimal discomfort and hardly any real pain beyond what you’d feel during your period.”

She described her experience in preparing for the egg retrieval as very simple. She followed her doctor’s orders which included an easy-to-follow diet to help ease any postoperative discomfort.

“And everything went smoothly, every time,” she said.

Maya went on to say that her recovery was just fine and how important it was to follow directions for optimal recovery.

Feeling back to normal can vary from donation to donation, she pointed out, but it is generally the same.

“It is similar to moderate to heavy menstrual cramping but very manageable with over the counter medications and bed rest,” she said. “I took it easy for a few days and the bloating was down within a few days.”

Maya said she felt back to herself after two weeks.

For Maya, being an egg donor has brought a great deal to her life; and, wonderful and memorable experiences.

“I’ve traveled to cities I’ve never been to. I’ve met incredibly special people. I’ve been a part of people’s lives in a way that not many will ever be able to accomplish,” she said. Maya added, “I would absolutely do it again. I would even do it again for the next several years!”

What Maya was most impressed with was how “present” Extraordinary Conceptions was throughout the egg donation progression. According to Maya, they called and e-mailed her every step of the way.

And after the egg retrieval, a message awaited, letting her know to call them if she needed anything at all.

There was such connection and genuine care Maya even had cell phone numbers if she needed to reach someone.

“The clinic nurses and doctors have always been kind and sincere,” she said. “At any hour, I have always been able to get in touch with someone for whatever reason if I’ve needed to, even if my redeye flight landed at 3:00 a.m., they answered.”

Maya describes egg donation as a remarkable feeling knowing she is helping a couple who is struggling from infertility. To know she can help Asian intended parents have the baby they dreamed of fills her with joy.

For those who are thinking about egg donation, Maya often tells them: “As long as you’re responsible, trustworthy, and thoughtful, all will go well and you’ll end the process feeling very special inside.”

For those interested in learning more about becoming an egg donor or surrogate, please visit our contact page or call 760-438-2265 to speak with one of our caring specialists at Extraordinary Conceptions.