Are you eligible to receive $3,000 as a new repeat surrogate?

First-time applicants at EC who are repeat surrogates  may qualify for a $3,000 December signing bonus.

Repeat surrogates who are first-time applicants with Extraordinary Conceptions are eligible to receive a very special “$3,000 New Repeat Surrogate Signing Bonus” during December 2016. The month of December means it is the season of giving, and Extraordinary Conceptions wants to give back to the wonderful women who are giving so much of themselves to help someone’s dreams of parenthood finally come true.

To qualify for this special signing bonus, candidates must be prepared to begin their surrogacy process immediately because intending parents are waiting for them.

Particularly during the holiday season, future parents can think of little else during a time when other families are building memories – they want the chance to experience the very same. Be it years of failed fertility attempts or helping gay men achieve fatherhood, surrogacy can enhance lives.

“Surrogacy helps ensure that every person can experience the love of a child,” said Mario Caballero, chief executive officer of Extraordinary Conceptions. “We decided to give new repeat surrogates this special $3,000 signing bonus because they are experienced. This experience gives a number of intended parents peace of mind knowing that their surrogates have had successful surrogacies and deliveries.”

Caballero pointed out how it’s comforting for intended parents to know that a woman has had a wonderful surrogacy journey before and that they are capable of doing it once again.

“Understanding how important this is to some of our intended parents, our agency wanted to compensate these former surrogates in a very special way,” he said. “And we believed that giving them a $3,000 signing bonus after all their legal contracts were signed was the appropriate gesture in how thankful we were.”

In addition to the increased signing bonus and receiving a benefits package beginning at $40,000 (and $45,000 for those residing in California), the care that surrogates at Extraordinary Conceptions receive is unwavering. Surrogates are afforded their own surrogate advocate and in-house insurance agency.

“Not many know that this year Extraordinary Conceptions raised the life insurance policy for our surrogates to $750,000,” Caballero said. “Most other agencies offer $250,000.”

Extraordinary Conceptions also has its own in-house licensed marriage family therapist.

“Shannon is always available for our surrogates,” said Caballero, adding “how very few agencies do this.”

While women are stepping forward during this busy time of year to help those in need build their families, Extraordinary Conceptions reciprocates their act of kindness by affording surrogates with compassionate experts in every area of its agency.