For a variety of reasons, many women are unable to use their own eggs to become pregnant. While these women can still carry a baby and yearn to experience pregnancy, finding the right egg donor is essential.

At Extraordinary Conceptions, based in the U.S.A., we have had the honor to help Asian families fulfill their parenthood dreams. We are humbled by the fact that we are considered one of the leading international egg donor and surrogacy agencies around the globe.

While we specialize in offering unique matching services for Asian intended parents, we have met truly remarkable Asian egg donors along the way. These intelligent and compassionate women have also voiced their positive experience in helping others.

Vivian, an Asian woman living in the U.S.A., is one of these women. At 28, she is a full-time professional IT analyst.

“I learned about egg donation from reading an article online,” said Vivian, adding how she is in a committed relationship. “I wanted to do this for several reasons.”

While the financial incentives were excellent, Vivian admits she knew she would feel a personal sense of fulfillment after the donation.

And she did.

Before embarking on this journey, she researched the right agency to team up with.

Vivian said if she ever meets other women who want to learn more about her egg donor experience, she will tell them how important it is to research reputable agencies. And with that said, also explore the nuances of what the egg donor experience is all about.

Vivian wants other women to know that by gathering as much information as possible truly helps in the decision making process.

Vivian’s in-depth research led her to Extraordinary Conceptions.

“In my opinion, Extraordinary Conceptions is one of the best agencies out there. The donors are well taken care of,” she said. “Every cycle I went through was smooth and pleasant; and, Extraordinary Conceptions maintained great communication throughout my cycles.”

Vivian went on to say how impressed she was with the communication and support provided during and even after her cycle.

In preparing for the egg retrieval, as directed, Vivian followed instructions from her doctor. She also maintained a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

According to Vivian, the egg donation process wasn’t different than she expected because everything was explained to her in perfect detail.

Likewise, her egg retrieval recovery was swift.

“I was back to normal in about a day,” Vivian said.

Reflecting back on the experience, Vivian is touched by the fact that she can help someone have a child one day.

And she would do it again – that’s how positive her experience was as being an egg donor.

“To me, it means giving other couples a chance to have one of the greatest gifts they can have, and the opportunity to build a family,” she said. “And there’s no gift greater than the gift of love.”

For those interested in learning more about becoming an egg donor, please visit our contact page or call 760-438-2265 to speak with one of our caring specialists at Extraordinary Conceptions.