Asian Egg Donors Make A Difference

For a moment, let’s cast aside the considerable money a young Asian woman can earn as an egg donor. Instead, let’s focus on the joy she could bring to intending parents in China who long to have a baby and never thought it would be possible until now.

Asian egg donors are helping individuals build their family legacy.

China’s landmark decision in waiving the one-child policy and now allowing Chinese couples to have another child has created a new world of opportunities. But with these opportunities, many couples are faced with infertility challenges.

And there is an array of reasons as to why this is so.

A woman may be just beyond her reproductive years, have a diminished egg reserve, or underwent cancer treatments years ago which left her infertile. Some women may have been able to become pregnant but succumbed to multiple miscarriages, leaving them in an emotional state of what feels like never-ending grief.

Joining together, these women don’t have to experience the heartache of not having a baby. They can hold onto the hope that one day they can experience the love a child.

And this special moment comes to fruition when Asian egg donors step forward to fill that void once and for all.

“I seriously am so happy and honored to be part of such a beautiful program,” said a donor from Extraordinary Conceptions, a California surrogacy and egg donor agency. “Thank you all for helping to make this happen.”

Regarded agencies are known to offer those who are of 100 percent Asian descent $12,000 or more for their compassionate donor help. Likewise, opportunities for national and international travel are also possible. Travel expenses are paid for the donor as well as her companion. Since the demand is so high for elite Asian donors, the wait period is generally three months or less with a just a few medical appointments.

Many egg donors find the experience so fulfilling, they become repeat donors.

“I just wanted to take a second of your time and thank you and your staff for the great opportunity you give me to be a donor each time,” another donor from Extraordinary Conceptions said. “Your unbelievable support, encouragement, and guidance have made my donation experience the absolute best.”

When a woman decides to become an egg donor, it’s so important for her to find the right agency for the partnership journey. While there are numerous ads touting the need for Asian Egg Donors with promises for high compensation, one must do their due diligence and team up with an international surrogate and egg donor agency in excellent standing.

Partnering with the right egg donor agency will enhance the memorable experience.