There are numerous women in this world who are unable to use their eggs to achieve pregnancy or may need eggs for a surrogate. Due to medical science and its amazing advancements, young ladies are stepping forward to help with a very altruistic kind of service.

Through donating their eggs, they can help people become mothers and fathers. Countless “intended parents” who have turned into “parents” through egg donation are incredibly thankful.

Likewise, a number of these intended parents are from various Asian communities; and, they have come to trust Extraordinary Conceptions to make their dreams of parenthood come true.

Based in the U.S.A., Extraordinary Conceptions continues to have the honor and pleasure to help Asian couples around the globe. Our goal is to help individuals and couples achieve parental aspirations they never thought possible. While being recognized as the leading international egg donor and surrogacy agency in the world, every single day, we are honored by the work that we do and the people we meet.

Asian intended parents who partner with us quickly realize our adeptness in offering unique matching services. And the selfless egg donors who want to be part of this journey are intelligent, kindhearted, and noble.

Kristi, a compassionate 28-year-old, wanted to help Asian couples suffering from infertility. She learned about egg donation through someone she knew.

“My friend definitely inspired me. She had all positive experiences and worked with Extraordinary Conceptions which is why I initially wanted to work with them as well,” said Kristi, who is a student at a hair academy and works part-time.

While in a committed relationship and also raising her son, Kristi was naturally drawn to becoming an egg donor after doing some research.

“Fertility runs very high in my family so I knew I would be a great candidate,” she said. Kristi continued, “My son at the time was just a toddler, my favorite stage, which helped me to relate to these individuals who so badly wanted to experience that same happiness and joy.”

For Kristi, having her child made her feel complete and she wanted others faced with infertility to experience the fulfillment she had.

While there were other agencies to choose from, Kristi chose Extraordinary Conceptions.

And she was thrilled that she did.

Kristi first spoke with Mario Caballero, the Executive Director of Extraordinary Conceptions. She learned that Caballero’s wife, Stephanie, founded Extraordinary Conceptions. The couple struggled with their own infertility and ultimately sought a surrogate to carry their twins.

Kristi described the Extraordinary Conceptions’ team as making her feel taken care of and she wanted to work with no one else.

“I had several agencies that I had signed up with who just weren’t communicative enough and never seemed like they truly cared,” Kristi said. “Their [Extraordinary Conceptions] goal is to make sure that you’re not only okay, but that you feel good and are never in need. That’s so important.”

Kristi conveys her egg donation experience as very positive.

“Having donated quite a few times, it’s a piece of cake,” she said.

The first time around, any nervousness she felt quickly eased by having a great team behind her. Extraordinary Conceptions’ frequent calls and emails every step of the way made the process easy.

She has also had the amazing opportunity to speak to and even meet many of the parents she has donated for. Being able to meet these special intended parents, Kristi said, was an incredible reward.

And of course, knowing that her eggs were helping a couple have a baby one day has left the most indelible imprint of all.

“The first time I received the call that my first couple had gotten pregnant was so memorable. The call letting me know that they had had their twin babies, I cried. Every time after that, receiving that information was always so rewarding,” Kristi said. “I get to live life knowing that not only have I given life to my children, but I’ve aided in bringing this lifelong joy to many others and the feeling is quite remarkable.”

For those interested in learning more about becoming an egg donor, please visit our contact page or call 760-438-2265 to speak with one of our caring specialists at Extraordinary Conceptions.