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As moms ease into the back-to-school transition from summertime, they may begin to consider new opportunities. For example, some may have heard or watched a surrogacy commercial on television which caught their attention or read a heartfelt story about a couple who battled infertility who now have a baby because of a compassionate woman who wanted to help them.

As schedules become more manageable with the kids, mothers now have the time they need to research how to become a surrogate.

In the back-to-school spirit, Extraordinary Conceptions, a leading California surrogacy and egg donor agency, recently announced some exciting news. New surrogates have the opportunity to receive a $1,000 signing bonus. And those who refer a surrogate will be gifted a $1,000 Visa/MasterCard Gift Card. Both offers are good through September 30, 2015.
Women who already have their own children are afforded a generous surrogate benefit package which begins at $40,000 for single births and $50,000 for twins. Ladies who take part in this memorable journey agree how it changed their lives for the better.

And for those who refer a surrogate, they too, can be part of this incredible life-changing event.

Across the nation, there are states which embrace surrogacy and the opportunity it gives an individual or couple in need. The miracle of surrogacy enables everyone to experience the love of a child despite any past health challenges or sexual orientation.

When someone chooses surrogacy, be it a surrogate candidate or intended parents, hope for a family finally becomes a reality. Where there is hope, there are endless possibilities.

Bonus Incentives Eligibility:
To qualify for these extended Surrogate Summer Bonus incentives, the surrogate applicant must complete the application/registration by September 30, 2015. Bonuses are paid once all legal contracts are signed and according to the month the initial application is submitted. During the application process, the applicant must also provide the referral’s name, if applicable. To begin the application process today, please visit Extraordinary Conceptions at or call at 760-438-2265.