Back to school tips for parents

Back to school tips for kids in grades K to 5.

It’s that time of year again. Summer is coming to a close, and kids are gearing up for school. In some cities across the nation, the school bells have already chimed. Whether or not the kids have begun classes or will be entering the classroom in the days ahead, here is a short list of tips to toss into that parental toolbox for children who are in grades K to 5.

Decrease the Social Anxiety

Even for younger children who are looking forward to going back to school, there seems to be a level of anxiety which goes along with this. And it’s perfectly normal. Aside from the academics, there could be concerns about the new class, fellow classmates, what friends they are going to sit with at lunch and more.

The best way moms and dads can ease those worries are to help reestablish the friendship connection. Reaching out to other parents and determining who’s in class together and getting the kids reconnected beforehand is a great step. If school has already started, try that reconnection soon.

Teacher Meet and Greet

If school hasn’t started yet, if it’s at all possible, do try and have your child meet their new teacher to help ease any anxiety. If that’s not doable, try and locate the teacher’s photo on the school’s website to dwindle away that uneasiness.

Generally, teachers can be reached via email before the school year, and that’s always another option. Be sure to read and send off any emails together with the kids. 

Most schools will host an “Open House” or back-to-school event which serves as an excellent ice breaker for administrators, parents, and children.

If school is already in session, try and reserve a time after class to meet with the teacher so you and your child have some special time with the teacher.

Loading the Backpack

Another way to keep a child engaged for the new school year is purchasing school items, clothing, and accessories. It can help them look forward to their first day of school. Have them write out a list of things they need that can be reviewed together and plan a day to head off on a shopping venture. 

If school has started, revisit the backpack to see if any other items need to be purchased.

Visit the School

During an event such as an “Open House,” use that time to tour the classroom, see what desk your child is assigned, and venture outside to the playground area. For children in older grades, reverse roles and have them provide you with the tour of their school.

If school has begun, have your child give you a tour to provide them with a boost of empowerment.

Ready, Set, Go

One of the biggest challenges parents have is reestablishing a bedtime routine after the summer months. Slowly start implementing a new bedtime routine and earlier wakeup times. And try to keep this schedule over the weekend.

By doing this, children will feel more refreshed in the mornings as they head off to school.