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As surrogacy and egg donor opportunities become more prevalent around the globe, despite where future parents live, there is an indisputable viewpoint that some have more peace of mind building their families in the United States, and this includes international families who travel to the states to make their parenthood dreams come true.

While there are notable IVF centers worldwide which have standards and protocols, a number of them may be new businesses. At times, new businesses may flounder and lack the longevity which many future parents yearn for in an agency.

This is why it’s important to research these facilities and determine their standing in the industry.

In the United States, agencies and IVF centers are deeply rooted within the culture and flanked by excellent success stories.

Extraordinary Conceptions, a respected international surrogate and egg donor agency based in Southern California, has helped countless couples and individuals achieve parenthood. It also teams up with the best IVF specialists.

The founders of Extraordinary Conceptions struggled with their own fertility and sought a surrogate to deliver their twins more than ten years ago. They and their team help future parents into the realm of gentleness which is required to help those who have been unable to have children due to infertility, and their hearts are open to the LGBT community so they may experience the love of a child.

While the ultimate goal is to address the profound feelings in helping those become parents, finding the right agency takes due diligence.

Mario Caballero, executive director at Extraordinary Conceptions, who has traveled extensively through Europe for educational receptions, believes those living abroad are comfortable with the United States because it’s regulated and the information which people require is available.

“For instance, when it comes to egg donation, if one goes to some IVF centers in Spain, they don’t give future parents pictures of the donors because they’re not allowed to show you them,” he said. Caballero continued, “They may just provide one sentence describing the donor.”

Whenever donor fees are on the lower end of the price spectrum, future parents are concerned regarding the donor quality.

“It’s different in the United States where these young women who are egg donors are usually going to college. Above all, we have tight regulations here in the states and the actual donor eggs someone wants is what they will get,” said Caballero, noting how Extraordinary Conceptions has more than 2,400 egg donors in its database and numerous surrogates.

He also pointed out that at top-tier agencies in the United States, such as Extraordinary Conceptions, donors and surrogates must pass a medical and psychological screening.

By following an austere checklist, future parents are ensured sterling care and exceptional surrogates and egg donors.

To reach Extraordinary Conceptions, please call 760-438-2265. Please visit its database of egg donors and surrogates at