A buzz of excitement recently whirled at Extraordinary Conceptions, a California based international surrogate and egg donor agency. Celebration was in the air. In addition to a festive Feb. 24 soiree recognizing Extraordinary Conceptions’ 10th anniversary in business, the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce visited the company’s headquarters for a ribbon cutting ceremony. Mario Caballero, the co-founder and executive director of Extraordinary Conceptions, was delighted with the reception, and most of all, commended his team for the wonderful work that they do. Caballero also reflected how surrogacy played a critical role in his personal life. Both he and his wife battled infertility and surrogacy was their hope. “I can talk from experience because we had a surrogate that helped us. Our children are 13 now,” Caballero said. “Thanks to the help of a surrogate we have children, and it also helped us realize how important it is to help other people that have issues with infertility, and this helped us launch our company.” The need for surrogacy grows with each passing day. Along with infertility, gay husbands also need a surrogate to achieve their own fatherhood dreams. “We need the assistance from women that can help other people start their family,” Caballero said. For the last decade, Extraordinary Conceptions has been regarded as one of the best surrogate and egg donor agencies for its national and international clientele. Over the years, an unmistakable bond has been created and strengthened between the agency and its intended parents. Regarded as a premier agency, its egg donor database is the largest and most diverse in the country. Currently, their databank exceeds 2,400. Conversely, their surrogates are peppered throughout the nation where surrogacy is legal, affording intended parents with exceptional options as to where they would like their baby born. Extraordinary Conceptions’ one-time agency fee is also unsurpassed. Catering to its international clientele, Extraordinary Conceptions has fluent speaking staff members on hand who not only speak numerous languages but also are native to these foreign countries. This type of professionalism is incomparable. Extraordinary Conceptions teams up with the best fertility specialists and is affiliated with one a highly-regarded legal team, The Surrogacy Law Center. These savvy attorneys know third-party reproduction law and are kept abreast of any changes in national and international laws. Likewise, the agency has a licensed counselor on hand to help navigate future parents, surrogates and egg donors throughout this memorable journey. While Extraordinary Conceptions radiates professionalism, their compassionate approach is undeniable. Intended parents are given peace of mind knowing that all egg donors and surrogates must undergo a medical and psychological screening. On the flipside, both surrogates and egg donors have chosen Extraordinary Conceptions to take part in this wonderful journey to help a childless couple. The compensation packages, benefits, support and other perks show these special women how much this agency cares about them. It’s because of these altruistic women that people can have their baby. “We are here to help people have children because everyone deserves the right to the love of a child,” Caballero said. To reach Extraordinary Conceptions, please call 760-438-2265. Please visit its database of egg donors and surrogates at www.extraconceptions.com.