California Surrogacy Agency Offers Virtual Monthly Meetups

Kristie, a surrogate with Extraordinary Conceptions, enjoys the personal connection during the virtual monthly meetups. 

It’s important for surrogates to receive support through their entire journey. A California surrogacy agency is making sure this is happening to ensure their surrogates are getting the care they deserve. Extraordinary Conceptions recently launched its Virtual Monthly Meetups.


What Are the Virtual Monthly Meetups?

Alison Chrun, a marriage and family counselor intern at the California surrogacy agency, Extraordinary Conceptions, is championing the virtual monthly meetups.

According to Alison, women who decide to become surrogates are a committed group.  Extraordinary Conceptions wants to make sure that their gestational carriers receive the support they need.

Most women who are part of the meetings are at the start of their transfer to a couple of months after their delivery.

These monthly meetings just aren’t for newbies. Repeat surrogates are taking part in these virtual conferences and sharing their knowledge and wisdom.


Why Seasoned Surrogates Are Joining the Monthly Meetups

Ever since Extraordinary Conceptions launched the monthly meetups, surrogates have been signing up. One is Kristie B. who is on her second journey.  As soon as Alison explained the concept to Kristie, she was ready to move forward.

“I knew it was something I wanted to do. I already try to help as many surrogates as I can through social media surrogate websites. So to be able to help my fellow Extraordinary Conceptions surrogates would truly be something I’d be interested in,” Kristie said.

Signing Up Is a Breeze

The signup process to take part in the Virtual Monthly Meeting is very easy. Alison sends interested surrogates a link via email along with a login code. Surrogates can sign on via their phone or another device.

Kristie described the process much like a video conference call like Skype. Once a surrogate gets in, she can see Alison and the other surrogates who are part of the meeting.

“You just make sure that your camera and microphone are both connected and voila, you’re in!” Kristie stated.

Remember, it’s super simple to log in.


How Long do the Meetings Last?

The meetings last about 30 minutes. However, if the questions continue to roll, it can last a bit longer. Kristie shared that during her last meeting, there were five women in the group and it finished in 35 minutes.

“When Alison or another surrogate ask a question, we each take turns answering so that we can hear what each surrogate has to say,” Kristie said.


The Privacy Factor

What surrogates like most about the monthly virtual meetings are the sense of privacy and confidentiality. It’s a safe haven where women can express exactly how they feel wherever they are in the process.

“We are all on the same page, and the journey is about each individual’s story,” Kristie said. “It’s just nice to hear from all other surrogates and what they’re going through too.”

The monthly meetups are a place of friendship, trust, and support like no other.

To learn more about the Virtual Monthly Meetups, access to a secret Facebook Group to continue on the virtual discussions, and how participants can enter to win a $100 Amazon Gift card, contact Alison at [email protected]