How do I become a surrogate?

Extraordinary Conceptions has had thousands of surrogate mothers give the ultimate gift of family to intended parents all across the world. Our dedicated and experienced support staff will guide you through your decision of becoming a surrogate, and will be with you, supporting you through your journey.

Surrogate Benefits

  • Surrogate Virtual Monthly Meet-Ups 
  • Facebook Support Groups with other surrogates
  • Access to Licensed Family & Marriage Therapists
  • Past and current surrogates, IVF Nurses on staff to support you
  • Reimbursement of pregnancy-related expenses up to $2,500 CAD per month


Become a Surrogate Mother in Canada:

  • Canadian Moms between the ages of 21-45 (Must have had at least 1, live birth and be raising your child/children)
  • Healthy BMI up to 35 (You can calculate your BMI HERE )
  • Non-smokers & non-drug users
  • Canadian Citizen with active Provincial Healthcare
  • Surrogate and spouses cannot have any prior felonies (indictable offences)

If you don’t meet all of the requirements, but feel you are a good candidate for our Canadian Surrogate program, please contact our Admissions Department to discuss your situation personally. We are happy to offer FREE, personalized, no obligation, surrogacy pre-qualifications to make sure that surrogacy is right for you. 

We are happy to speak to first time surrogate mothers as well as experienced surrogates!

Our Canadian team can be reached at 760.438.2265 to set up your pre-screening appointment or answer any questions you may have. You can also email [email protected]

Reimbursement for a Surrogate Mother

As per the AHRA, gestational surrogates in Canada cannot be compensated for a surrogacy, however they may be reimbursed for some expenses during her surrogate pregnancy.

Pregnancy-related expenses can be costs such as maternity clothes, travel for medical appointments, or lost wages due to bed rest.

As a Canadian citizen, all obstetrical and delivery costs will be covered by the surrogate mother’s health insurance (your health card). Any health related costs for the baby born will be covered by the Intending parents.

Your team of coordinators at Extraordinary Conceptions will ensure you are supported through the process of requesting reimbursements and that you fully understand what you are entitled to be reimbursed.

Why Canadian Surrogacy?

View our infographic to find out just a few reasons why

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