Canadian egg donorAs international egg donation begins to evolve, it is presenting more opportunities to intending parents like never before and the need for Canadian egg donors has also emerged. While this is an exciting time for both intending parents and egg donors, it’s always recommended to partner with an international egg donor agency in excellent standing for this memorable journey.

Egg donors in Canada embark on this altruistic journey for their very own personal reasons. One may be emotionally pulled toward this knowing that she is helping a woman who became infertile following cancer treatments she underwent years ago or aiding a woman who has a low egg reserve and difficulty conceiving. Whatever the reason may be, Canadian egg donors are helping intending parents achieve dreams of parenthood in more ways than ever before.

While egg donors are providing a wonderful gift to those in need, it’s only natural to help potential candidates in their quest for finding the perfect agency.

With so many egg donor agencies to choose from, a woman may find the choices overwhelming based on what’s available out on the internet. However, one way to filter out the leading international agencies is by researching them and also having the opportunity to read their reviews.

What an egg donor agency’s “great status” stems from are their compassionate team members who are at the helm. And one who continues to receive praise is donor coordinator, Candace.

“In all my life I have never worked with someone so responsive and accommodating. Throughout this donation Candace has gone above and beyond to keep me informed, feeling secure and exceptionally prepared for each next step or road bump,” said a Donor from Extraordinary Conceptions, a California egg donor and surrogacy agency. She continued, “Never have I felt I could trust someone more with the intimate details of not only my health but also my personal life, my schedule and my needs. She really is a massive asset and I would like to request her in the future if possible when doing further donations with the company.”

It is words like these that Extraordinary Conceptions continues to strive for each and every day. And naturally, statements such as this push the agency to raise its standards of care even higher.

“I only have fabulous things to say about Candace’s service and she alone has convinced me that you are the best choice in donation coordination,” said the Donor, adding how she looked forward to working again together soon.

Partnering with a reputable agency offers egg donors with such a positive experience that becoming a repeat donor is a reality.