How Care Coordinators Help Surrogates

It comes naturally for Breana to build special relationships with her surrogates.

When a woman decides to become a surrogate, it’s important that she receives surrogacy support from her agency. Different companies provide their own type of support.

Breana, a Care Coordinator at a California surrogacy agency, shares how she helps women during their journey.


Why Support For Surrogacy Matters

Breana personally understands the importance of having support during surrogacy. She was a surrogate two times.

While she’s an Admissions Coordinator interviewing candidates, she’s also a Care Coordinator.

A Care Coordinator offers personal and ongoing communication.

“I feel like the communication between our surrogates, and our Care Coordinators is just great,” Breana said.

There is a total of three Care Coordinators who work at her agency.

While Breana offers support, she also wants to know how her surrogates and their families are doing. It’s about building relationships.

“I like to find what their kids and family are up to, ” Breana said. “On the surrogacy side of things, I want to see how they are in general including how they are feeling. I also check in on how the communication is going with their intended parents.”


Providing Support For Surrogates

As a Care Coordinator, Breana always circles back to make sure the ladies understand the next steps in the process. Breana reaches out to her surrogates once a month by text. If the ladies have any questions or need to talk, Breana is only a text or phone call away.

According to Breana, the best way for surrogates to communicate is by texting. The response rate is much quicker.

Each coordinator at the agency has a group of surrogates they care for during the journey.

While each woman has different needs, Breana notices how they do want more communication during the very beginning or end of their surrogacy journey. A lot of things are happening at the start, and women want to know the following:

  • How long does the legal contract process take?
  • When do the injection series begin and end?
  • When is the embryo transfer?

The early parts of surrogacy can sometimes be overwhelming – that’s when Care Coordinators are busiest.

When the delivery date gets closer, the need for communication also increases, Breana said.

“At the end, they [surrogates] are texting a lot because the intended parents are in town. The ladies don’t know what gifts they should give them or if the parents will be in the delivery room with her,” Breana said.

The agency will guide the surrogate on those answers.


The Surrogate Care Coordinator Relationship

Since Breana became a Care Coordinator, she loves the relationships she has made. Some of the women she is assigned to as a Case Coordinator, she also interviewed early on when they wanted to become a surrogate.

“When applicants leave admissions after their interviews, you never really know if they become a surrogate,” she said. “As a Care Coordinator, I can find out if they are on a journey. I can be a part of this incredible experience.”