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How one surrogate’s journey is helping countless families

Shannon, a retired surrogate, continues to help others achieve the dream of parenthood. Shannon never imagined that her experiences as a [...]

Helping others in 2017

Women who want to begin 2017 with the promise to help others may choose to become a surrogate or egg donor. [...]

2016: A Year in Review

EC's Teddy Bear mascot, HOPE, provides comfort during a surrogacy journey. Driven by a commitment to strive for the very best, [...]

The Early Steps in Becoming an Egg Donor

Egg donors are empowered to help individuals become parents. It’s an incredibly personal decision when a woman chooses to become an [...]

EC Readies for Asian Tour

EC journeys to Asia in April to help future parents. Extraordinary Conceptions, a stellar international egg donor and surrogacy agency based [...]

Egg Donors: Choosing An Agency

In the era of third-party reproduction, women who decide to become an egg donor or a surrogate have the power to make parenthood [...]

China Turns to USA Surrogacy

China Turns To USA Surrogacy When the Chinese government recently declared that it would sever its one-child policy, permitting couples to [...]

Giving Thanks Surrogate Bonus

  Giving Thanks Surrogate Bonus November is the month of Thanksgiving which gives everyone the opportunity to rekindle their act of [...]

Why The Chinese Turn To USA Surrogates

It is estimated that 1 in 10 Chinese individuals are struggling with infertility. These numbers are more than statistics. Tear away these calculations [...]