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Extraordinary Conceptions Announces Their Return To Brazil

EC returns to Brazil in August 2017 to discuss surrogacy in the USA. Extraordinary Conceptions, a leading international egg donor and [...]

How one surrogate’s journey is helping countless families

Shannon, a retired surrogate, continues to help others achieve the dream of parenthood. Shannon never imagined that her experiences as a [...]

Changing one life at a time

Shannon was a two-time surrogate for intended parents living in China. There are different reasons as to why a woman decides [...]

EC Announces New Company Headquarters

EC's new headquarters will benefit surrogates, egg donors, future parents, and the entire company team.  Extraordinary Conceptions, a leading international surrogacy [...]

Why do seasoned surrogates work at EC?

Shannon, a former EC surrogate, now works at the agency’s Surrogacy Admissions Team department. At Extraordinary Conceptions, every surrogate receives the [...]

EC responds to viral post in a big way

Inspired by a viral post, EC offers something special up until April 30, 2017. It’s amazing how a hectic life can [...]

EC Extends Its Fitbit New Surrogate Signing Bonus

EC extends its Fitbit and $1,000 Visa Gift Card signing bonus for new surrogates. The month of February recognized American Heart [...]

What Do Intended Parents Want To Know?

A reputable surrogacy agency helps navigate the process. When an individual or couple considers surrogacy to build a family, it’s something [...]

EC Announces Its New Year Surrogate Signing Bonus

New surrogates are eligible to receive a $2,017 bonus boost in January. As the holidays come to a close, it’s a [...]

2016: A Year in Review

EC's Teddy Bear mascot, HOPE, provides comfort during a surrogacy journey. Driven by a commitment to strive for the very best, [...]

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