Changing one life a time

Shannon was a two-time surrogate for intended parents living in China.

There are different reasons as to why a woman decides to become a surrogate. Whatever the motive stems from, all can agree that surrogates are carrying the “dreams” of future parents.

When individuals and couples need the help of third-party reproduction to build their families, they can think of little else than to have a child. It’s what they want more than anything in the whole world.

Surrogates make those dreams come true.

For some women, becoming a surrogate is something that they have thought about for years; while for others, they happen to stumble upon the idea that remains in their minds.

Shannon, a two-time experienced surrogate, learned about gestational surrogacy one day when she was online. At the time, it interested Shannon, but she knew she wasn’t ready for that type of journey just yet.

Years later, she was.

Shannon is a mother of two young children and also has a stepson.

“I wanted to be pregnant again, but didn’t want any more of my own children,” Shannon said. “So I thought to myself, ‘Surrogacy would be kind of cool.’”

When Shannon began thinking about becoming a surrogate more seriously, she knew it was time to tell her husband.

“My husband is always super supportive so he was onboard from the very beginning,” she said. “We both agreed that we were done building our family.”

Then it was time to tell other members of Shannon’s family.

While they were supportive, they obviously had questions. Shannon’s family wanted to make sure that surrogacy was safe and what she was about to do was legitimate.

Shannon and her husband, Dave, told everyone that they did their research. What also helped in the decision-making process was that Shannon had uncomplicated pregnancies.

“I don’t get sick when I’m pregnant. My pregnancies have always been full term, and my deliveries are super easy,” Shannon said. “It’s a cakewalk.”

Shannon knew she preferred to go with a California surrogacy agency and chose Extraordinary Conceptions because of their outstanding reviews. Shannon described the whole journey as a step-by-step process.

The experience was so amazing that Shannon had two surrogacy journeys at the same agency.

“My coordinators kept me super informed and up to date throughout the whole process. There was excellent communication on both my end and on their end, too,” she said. “I had different coordinators for my two surrogacies, and the ladies were fantastic at this company.”

Shannon was a surrogate both times for intended parents living in China. She carried one baby for the first journey, and then twins for the second. Her last surrogacy required a C-section, and Shannon admits she was a bit nervous because it was her first.

Oftentimes, Shannon replays a memory from her second journey she will never forget.

“The mother cut the umbilical cords, and I could see the tears in her eyes,” Shannon said. “She fell in love with her babies instantly.”

Then dad was allowed to enter the room, and Shannon caught the same look in his eyes when holding his infants for the first time.

“I wouldn’t have traded that moment for anything in the world,” she said.

Shannon, a repeat surrogate with Extraordinary Conceptions, was recently hired at Extraordinary Conceptions as a Surrogacy Admissions team member and Care Coordinator. For those interested in becoming a surrogate, Shannon would be happy to set up a phone meeting. She welcomes your call at 1-760-438-2265.