Children Summer Safety Tips

Keeping track of the kids can be done with summer safety tips.

Right about now, the summer calendar is filled with things to do and places to go. With families on the move, being extra diligent on summer safety tips for the kids is more important than ever. Amusement and theme parks are brimming with kids, not to mention water parks, county fairs, the beaches, and more.

As any parent can attest to, all it takes is a quick text or a turn of the head and the kids seem to wander off in no time at all. And yes, it’s that easy.

While being accidentally separated from the kids creates a heart-stopping surge of emotion, being proactive in terms of tips is incredibly important. Here is a checklist to help keep track of younger kids.

It’s Picture Time

Before retreating outdoors for a day of fun, take photos of the kids. The aim of this is not only facial recognition, but it’s about what they are wearing that very day. These daily photos will come in handy in the event a young one wanders out of sight, and moms or dads need to recruit the help of other parents for help.

Labeling and Marking

Law enforcement professionals recommend labeling the inside of a child’s clothing with their name and a phone number where their parent can be reached in the event of a separation. Another valuable tip is writing the phone number on a child’s arm and then applying a layer of a liquid bandage to keep it intact for the day. This method can last up to a couple days so be sure to check on it daily to make certain the number is still visible.

Another great idea is placing the parent’s business card in a child’s pockets or even the business card of a hotel or inn that the family is staying at if they are on vacation. If a parent is using a business card of a hotel, go ahead and write in that personal contact information.

Tracking Apps

Technology has come a long way including track apps for iPhones and Smart Phones users. Keep in mind that technology is constantly changing so there could be an app that is more suitable for those tracking needs. But in the meantime, here’s an app list from

Plan Ahead

Moms and dads find it helpful to map out a plan with their kids in the event they get separated. For example, letting your child know that if they get lost to find the nearest mom with kids and ask for help.

While there are other helpful guidelines and tools for moms and dads, the best course of action is making sure the kids don’t wander too far away.