Chinese Surrogacy On The Rise
Extraordinary Conceptions’ executive director, Mario Caballero, is currently in Shanghai. He has returned once again to guide individuals and couples in how they can build their family through surrogacy in the United States. During this special time, an article published in Xinmin Weekly recently reported how Chinese citizens are seeking surrogates in the States.

The article also compliments a recent CNN piece.

One of the individuals interviewed in both publications is a Chinese intended mother, Linda, who partnered with Extraordinary Conceptions, a Southern California surrogacy agency.

Extraordinary Conceptions is both proud and humbled that one of their surrogates was able to make parenthood dreams come true for Linda.

So many women who learn about how to become a surrogate are astounded by how far reaching their “service to others” can truly be. They have the ability to touch hearts all over the globe giving intended parents something to hope for.

Surrogates offer so much of themselves so everyone can experience the love of a child.

Xinmin Weekly Surrogacy Highlight
Xinmin Weekly compassionately tells the story of Linda, a woman with polycystic ovarian syndrome, who underwent emotional and physical turmoil to conceive and carry a baby. Despite multiple treatments and pregnancy attempts with fertility specialists, heartbreak ripped her hopes of ever becoming a mother.

That was until she discovered another pathway to motherhood: Surrogacy.

The author writes, “In mainland China, surrogacy is illegal. In the United States, surrogacy is not legal in all states, but more than 20 states across the nation have varying degrees of legal recognition; and, California is known as a surrogacy heaven for right of parentage.”

Following a consultation, Linda jetted to California and entered through the double glass doors of Extraordinary Conceptions.

It was a visit that changed her life.

What An Intended Parent Learned About Surrogacy
When Linda met with the surrogacy experts at Extraordinary Conceptions, she learned how California, among other like-minded states, were considered the lead in the following areas:

• Top IVF clinics and physicians
• Medically screened surrogates and egg donors
• Excellent healthcare system
• Licensed social workers
• Exceptional third-party reproductive attorneys
And more…

In fact, on hand at the surrogacy agency were not only savvy specialists but native Chinese speaking team members who were able to clearly communicate with Linda regarding her desire to become a mother.

Choosing A Surrogate
In Xinmin Weekly, Linda was candid about her search for the right surrogate. “They do it not just for the money, but instead, regard it as a way to help others,” she relayed.
And she was right. A surrogate’s heart leads the way.

Linda was detailed in her analysis about the surrogate candidates at Extraordinary Conceptions. They were an elite group of women who are already mothers that wanted to help others who were unable to have a baby.

When Linda chose her perfect surrogate, it was also revealed through fertility specialists that Linda’s own eggs could be used. Linda’s husband was also able to be the biological father. Once fertilized, the embryo was implanted into the surrogate.

Surrogacy: The Miracle of Birth
Nine months after the embryo transfer, Linda’s surrogate gave birth to her beautiful baby girl. While she embraces the baby in her arms, the reporter writes, “Linda made the decision to store her remaining frozen embryos in the States.”

With an eye to the future, Linda may decide to have more children through the genuine kindness of a surrogate.

For those interested in becoming a surrogate, please visit or call (760) 438-2265. Compensation begins at $40,000 and during the month of September, Extraordinary Conceptions is offering at $1,000 signing bonus.