Classic Necklace for New May Surrogates

Qualified surrogates who apply in May will receive a $1,000 signing bonus and Tiffany® necklace.

While National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) has come to a close, for many it triggered an educational opportunity by realizing how one out of eight American couples are battling infertility. While this national campaign ended, the celebration of Mother’s Day is beginning. Now more than ever, people are keenly “aware” about infertility and can approach the issue with more sensitivity.

Surrogacy continues to be one of the most powerful tools to help those who cannot overcome their fertility challenges. Extraordinary Conceptions, which is a leading international egg donor and surrogacy agency, decided to give their new surrogates who apply in the month of May something quite special: “Mother’s Day Month of May Surrogate Signing Bonus.”

“For new surrogates who apply in May, in addition to receiving a $1,000 signing bonus, we will be giving qualified surrogate applicants a Tiffany® necklace,” said Mario Caballero, chief executive officer of Extraordinary Conceptions.

Last May, Extraordinary Conceptions gifted a Tiffany® bracelet. This year, they are returning to Tiffany® again for the “Return To Tiffany® Heart Tag with Key Pendant” necklace.

Surrogates are mothers who have already completed their families and have reached a point in their lives where they want to help individuals or couples have a baby. Complete benefit packages for new surrogates begin at $40,000.

“Tiffany® is regarded as a world class jeweler, and we wanted to give our world class surrogates a timeless piece this month,” said Caballero. “It’s our special way of saying ‘thank you’ to the surrogates who are going to help other women become mothers so they too can celebrate Mother’s Day in the very near future.”

Let the month of May encourage “mothers” to become “surrogate mothers” so parenthood dreams can come true.


Bonus Incentives Eligibility

To qualify for the “Mother’s Day Month of May Surrogate Signing Bonus,” the surrogate applicant must complete the application/registration by May 31, 2016. Bonuses are paid once the candidate passes her medical screenings, legal contracts are signed and in accordance to the month the initial application was submitted. During the application process, the applicant must also provide the referral’s name, if applicable. To begin the application process today, please visit Extraordinary Conceptions at or call at 760-438-2265.