Compensation Boostt for California Surrogates

EC raises its complete benefit packages for CA surrogates beginning at $45,000.

Extraordinary Conceptions, a leading international surrogacy and egg donor agency headquartered in Southern California, officially announced today its revolutionary compensation increase for new California surrogates. 

According to its executive team members at the agency, the reason behind the financial surge is due to the state’s favorable laws and the ongoing demand for California gestational surrogates 

For California residents, the company’s original compensation base fee of $35,000 has been boosted to $40,000 with complete benefit packages beginning at $45,000.  

“In addition to our favorable surrogacy laws in California, both our national and our international intended parents want to have their surrogacy journey here due to the highly regarded fertility doctors in our area,” said Mario Caballero, chief executive officer of Extraordinary Conceptions.

Caballero went on to say that their company values their gestational surrogates – ensuring that these compassionate ladies are receiving top compensation. 

And the financial benefits are only one part of the equation.

“We have also increased our surrogate’s life insurance policy to $750,000 whereas most other agencies offer $250,000,” Caballero shared. “Our agency has a licensed marriage family therapist in-house who is always available for our surrogates — very few agencies do this.”

With a robust social media presence, Extraordinary Conceptions recently launched Surrogate Scoop on Facebook Live. Its hostess, Tere B., is embarking on her next surrogacy and her viewers can follow her on her journey. As well, Tere B. is also the agency’s surrogate advocate. 

“We have kindhearted experts in every area of our agency who take great care of surrogates because they deserve the very best,” Caballero said. “They are helping individuals and couples experience the love of a child.”


About Extraordinary Conceptions: 

Extraordinary Conceptions is an International Egg Donor and Surrogacy Agency located in Southern California in the United States. Extraordinary Conceptions’ mission has always been to help as many people as possible fulfill their dreams of having children. They continue to stand up for equality and fight against discrimination in order to help create families all over the world. Please visit their website for more details on becoming an intended parent.