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With the arrival of  Kim Kardashian’s and Kanye West’s 3rd child via surrogate, many women are wondering what it would be like to carry a pregnancy for a high profile couple. Higher compensation, meeting celebrities, expensive gifts… Sounds amazing right?

While it may seem super exciting to be a surrogate for a celebrity, it’s not all glitz and glam and celebrity hobnobbing. There are many considerations to take into account before becoming a surrogate for a high-profile couple. Read on for 6 drawbacks to being a surrogate who carries for a well-known couple.


  1. Lack of privacy: The tabloids and Internet news sites all love a good celebrity story, which can include getting to know a surrogate who is carrying for a famous celebrity. And let’s face it; it’s an interesting story! People want to know about the process and what it’s like to carry a pregnancy for someone famous. But this demand for a story can seriously impinge on the privacy of the surrogate. It can result in demands for interviews, paparazzo or other news journalists following her—or her family—around.


  1. Intense vetting process: While surrogates are well vetted anyway, any surrogate who potentially goes through the process for a celebrity or high profile couples faces extra close scrutiny. They may require additional psychological, or financial screening, and will likely need further background checks. Also, these checks and screens may need to be expedited, especially if the couple is anxious to get started.


  1. Demanding intended parents: Celebrities are very used to getting what they want, and chances are that these demands will carry over to their surrogate, the woman tasked with caring for their growing baby. These demands can vary dramatically from the understandable to the unreasonable. Special diets, food restrictions, exercise regimens, etc,. Some intended parents have even insisted upon changing the cleaning products that a surrogate uses in her home. As delivery day gets closer, the celebrity may request that the surrogate move in to a house near by (to ensure that they are present for the birth), or even request induction or elective cesarean section to better plan the birth.


  1. Non-disclosure agreement: It wouldn’t be unexpected for a celebrity to require that their surrogate sign a non-disclosure agreement, or NDA. NDAs are designed to protect both the surrogate and the intended parents from revealing personal or private information about each other, the child, or other personal or medical details. A non-disclosure agreement, however, can even prevent the surrogate from talking about the pregnancy to family and friends. Holding that kind of a secret back can cause problems within relationships or even keep a surrogate from getting the support that she needs during the process.


  1. Decreased safety: Decreased safety is often associated with lack of privacy. Should the press find out her identity, the surrogate and her family are at risk for other people also learning who they are. In 2009, a tabloid became angry with a celebrity couple who released news of their surrogacy before the magazine could publish the story. As a result, the magazine exposed the name and location of the surrogate, which led to her and her family being followed and harassed. This causes legitimate concern for the surrogate and her family’s safety. Other celebrities have also expressed concern about the safety of their surrogate (she is carrying their child or children) and have hired bodyguards, arranged for private doctor’s appointments or used other similar measures to help keep her safe.


  1. Scrutiny from others: The decision to become a surrogate mother is a private decision between a woman, her family and the couple that she is carrying for. Not everyone agrees with the process of surrogacy and some people can be very vocal about their opinions. A surrogate doesn’t just face scrutiny from her family or friends; total strangers or even the grocery store cashier can have strong opinions about the choices she’s made. There may be news reports or stories questioning her integrity or decision to give up “her” baby. While it is nobody’s business or place to comment on a personal decision, the fact remains that it can be difficult to hear the criticism, especially if done publicly.


Surrogacy is an incredible gift and a beautiful process for both the parents and the surrogate. But it is important to consider all of the issues associated with surrogacy, both the perks and the drawbacks, especially when carrying for a celebrity or high-profile couple.

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