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While egg donors are continuously sought after to help both couples and individuals build families through third-party reproduction, there is a niche of donors in high demand. This group is women of East Asian lineage.

Extraordinary Conceptions, a leading California surrogacy and egg donor agency, recently journeyed to China to meet with those yearning to be parents who are unable to do so traditionally.

This trip triggered the agency’s East Asian Egg Donor policy by doubling their monetary numbers. Donors who are of 100% East Asian ethnicity have the potential to receive a beginning compensation of $10,000. And the agency also generously allows, in some cases, donors to set their own fees.

Having helped the Chinese population for years, on this particular visit to China, Extraordinary Conceptions noticed a rise in the need for Asian egg donors to help make parenthood dreams come to fruition. The reasons, of course, vary as to why this is the case such as:

• Medical reasons
• A woman’s low ovarian reserve
• Same-sex couples
• Infertility struggles

And more…

While researchers have unveiled that pollution in China may be a contributing factor to infertility, the “one-child policy” mandate has been waived, leaving many mature adults with a parental void.

Now, numerous couples in their thirties and forties are facing infertility issues and are relying on egg donation, surrogacy, or both for assistance.

While Extraordinary Conceptions’ substantial financial package is quite attractive to East Asian donors, affording an individual or couple the opportunity to have a baby of their very own certainly overrides this for many compassionate women.

Recent data revealed that 1 in 10 people in China are facing infertility challenges. A sympathetic woman can help people entangled in these statistics become parents.
Extraordinary Conceptions is grateful to be recognized as a kindhearted agency in helping individuals build families all around the world. It continues to be highly successful with egg donation and surrogacy in the United States where it is legal to do so.

Extraordinary Conceptions continues to have the opportunity to meet exceptional women who have stepped forward wanting to become egg donors.

One donor shared, “I seriously am so happy and honored to be part of such a beautiful program. Thank you all for helping to make this happen,”
The cornerstone of Extraordinary Conceptions is to ensure that donors are being accommodated, appreciated, and going beyond their expectations in every way possible.

A blend of professionalism and genuine care is at the heart of the agency.

Another wonderful woman took the time to share these special words of her repeat donor experience: “I just wanted to take a second of your time and thank you and your staff for the great opportunity you give me to be a donor each time. I also wanted to express how great of a team you have working with you.” She added, “Your unbelievable support, encouragement, and guidance have made my donation experience the absolute best.”

While these special ladies shower words of thanks, in return, Extraordinary Conceptions does the same with unbridled gratitude for helping intended parents embrace their newborns around the globe.

To begin the application process today, please visit Extraordinary Conceptions at or call at 760-438-2265.