Dreams of Fatherhood

Third-party reproduction medicine can afford men with new fatherhood pathways.

This month marks the celebration of Father’s Day. Over the years, Extraordinary Conceptions has made parenthood wishes come true for countless men both nationally and internationally. The desire to become a father can be so strong that if traditional ways of becoming a father are not an option, the advancements of third-party reproduction medicine can afford men with new pathways.

With the help of egg donors and/or surrogates, the goal of fatherhood is within reach. And it is these women who continue to make such a profound impact.

At Extraordinary Conceptions, the intended fathers who have eventually experienced the love of a child through surrogacy have included heterosexual men in a committed relationship, single heterosexual men, single gay men, and gay husbands.

In the LGBT community, this month also marks another cause for celebration. On June 24, 2015, the landmark decision by the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage was legal in the USA. Finally the scales of justice were balanced.

With so many men joined in matrimony over the last year, the idea of building a family through surrogacy has naturally emerged. Extraordinary Conceptions has been honored to be a part of it since they have always fought against discrimination – and they continue to do so all over the world. 

What humbles Extraordinary Conceptions each and every day is by knowing how many lives have been touched through the miraculous journey of surrogacy. With that said, the agency remains so grateful by being given the opportunity to meet and exceed expectations so men can begin building their own family tree.

Professionalism, compassion, and organization are what help make the journey an extraordinary memory. The positive feedback the agency receives by intended parents drives them to achieve a higher level of excellence.

While Father’s Day approaches, let’s recognize the men who have become fathers through the help of third-party reproduction along with the surrogates and egg donors who made those wishes become a reality.

And for those still in the throes of infertility or in the midst of deciding their own unique parenthood pathway, do know that there are so many options to make those fatherhood dreams come true.