Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes

A springboard of homemade Halloween costume ideas.

Halloween is approaching closer and some parents may still need to buy those costumes. While buying store bought items can be a cinch, don’t forget that homemade costumes can bring a boost of inspiration for the entire family and cause less of a financial dent in your wallet.

Only a click away, the Internet is filled with so many quick costume making ideas for moms and dads. And besides, it’s a great way to have fun with the kids.

If the family is up for it, here is a springboard of Halloween costume ideas to get you started.

The Mummy

A mummy costume is a tried and true “go-to” outfit. You’d be surprised how much of the costume you have on hand already. The mummy checklist as is follows:

  • White pants /White long sleeve T-shirt  or white thermal underwear
  • Torn up strips of white sheets
  • Face makeup

Soak the sheet strips in a brew of coffee or tea for about 4 to 6 hours. Rinse the strips and dry. Then wrap your child in the strips, tying the ends together. Remember to keep the strips loose around the joint areas for easy mobility.

The Minion

Being a Minion won’t take any time at all. Your wannabe Minion shopping list includes:

  • Denim overalls (option: cut them to knee length and wear yellow tube socks)
  • Shop all yellow for a T-shirt and beanie
  • Round goggles or round framed glasses (wrapping them in silver duct tape is optional)
  • Black shoes and black gloves

And if the Minion idea appeals to parents, go ahead and take a crack at it!

The Approachable Witch

If your child prefers to be a nice witch rather than the alternative, then let the creativity flow. The must-haves for the costume are as follows:

  • Broomstick (be sure to tie a colorful bow that matches the costume)
  • Witch’s hat (use the same bow color that matches the broom stick)
  • Ankle boots
  • A tutu (a color of your choosing)
  • Striped tights to match the tutu
  • T-shirt (a color of your choosing)
  • Waist cincher (optional)

From the items mentioned above, go ahead and build from there. And don’t forget to have fun.

If a wave of inspiration has come over you, then visit this homemade costume link for more ideas.