EC featured on CCTV

Mario Caballero, CEO of Extraordinary Conceptions

Leading surrogacy and egg donor agency, Extraordinary Conceptions, recently appeared on CCTV about the growth of international surrogacy. Mario Caballero, the chief executive officer of the California-based agency, spoke with reporter May Lee to shed light on the global topic which is changing lives one day at a time.

The timing of the interview was optimal given the fact that Caballero just returned from an Asian tour discussing surrogacy in the United States weeks before visiting major cities in China and Japan.

The news coverage underscored the impact Extraordinary Conceptions has had in helping individuals and couples build their families in China by matching them with American surrogates, primarily women who live in California.

While California remains a sought after state because of its surrogacy friendly laws, it was also noted how babies born in the states are granted American citizenship.

In the news report, Caballero shared how his agency welcomes roughly 10 to 15 new Chinese clients every month. And Extraordinary Conceptions is delighted that their clients entrust them with such a vital part of their lives in achieving parenthood dreams through surrogacy.

Since its recent coverage on CCTV, the agency has received praise for its compassionate work. To view this informative news clip please click here.