EC gears up for the ASRM Scientific Congress & Expo

EC readies for an educational conference.


In the days ahead, Extraordinary Conceptions, an international leading Southern California surrogacy and egg donor agency, is journeying to Salt Lake City, Utah, to attend an annual educational conference.  Formerly known as the ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) Meeting, the event is now referred to as the ASRM Scientific Congress & Expo slated for October 15 to 19.

The theme this year is Scaling New Heights in Reproductive Medicine.

This annual gathering is a highly anticipated event because it covers an array of educational components in areas of infertility and reproduction. The conference will also entail aspects of scientific meetings, pre-congress courses, legalities, and marketing championed by leaders in this specialized field.

Because this conference is valuable on so many levels, the chief executive officer of Extraordinary Conceptions, Mario Caballero, decided to send 12 of his team members to experience it.

Having taken part in the conference for the last eight years, Caballero said this event has significantly grown. This is why it was important to him that a group of his team members attend so that they have the opportunity to meet with doctors, attorneys, marketing specialists, and others in the field so that Extraordinary Conceptions can continue to remain the leader in the industry.

“It’s all about learning something new that can help better us in the future,” Caballero said. “What we do each and every day transcends the walls of this office. While receiving a deeper understanding for this industry, they can finally meet the people they have communicated with over time via email and phone calls.”

Caballero is also encouraging his staff to attend courses that will enhance what they do.

“It’s important for them to know that we value them as employees and the knowledge they receive will give them a sharper perspective in dealing with our special clients in this business,” he said.

Marketing director, Erica Hawkesworth, will also be in attendance.  She shared that team members from different departments will have a very unique opportunity by going to this annual conference. Examples of these team members include representatives from their insurance, egg donor, and surrogate departments.

“I echo what Mario already said. Additionally, it will be an excellent opportunity for our coordinators to personally meet the people that they speak with from different clinics that aren’t based here in San Diego,” she said. “It will be nice to actually put a face with the name and learn a little bit more about what their practice might be doing.”

For those interested in meeting up with Extraordinary Conceptions at the ASRM Scientific Congress & Expo, please contact Hawkesworth at [email protected] for arrangements.