EC increases level of care for surrogates

EC appoints Shannon, Breana and Roberta as the agency’s new Care Coordinators.

The leaders at Extraordinary Conceptions, a surrogacy and egg donor agency headquartered in Carlsbad, announced the expansion of its surrogacy department. Effective immediately, its surrogate-centered team has created the new position of “Care Coordinator.”

Former surrogates will serve as Care Coordinators to help current surrogates thrive in their journey.

Chief executive officer of Extraordinary Conceptions, Mario Caballero, is quick to point out how this new position was created from recent feedback.

“You spoke and we listened. Through our desire to always better ourselves, we learned through recent surveys that our surrogates wanted more communication – something more personal than their Case Coordinators generally provide,” Caballero said. “So our executive team collaborated and thought of an innovative way to enrich the surrogacy experience. We will now have Care Coordinators, who are experienced surrogates that will also be assigned to each surrogate along with their regular Case Coordinator.”

As the Case Coordinator is running the cycle by communicating with all the parties involved with the process, the Care Coordinators will be in contact solely with the surrogates and are available to answer personal questions and talk about any issues that may arise.

Caballero went on to say that because Care Coordinators have been former surrogates, they will be candid by sharing their personal experiences and giving honest advice.

“Care Coordinators will also be empathetic listeners,” he said. “Although each surrogate will be assigned both coordinators, we want to stress how they work together as a ‘team’ and should be considered all part of the same cycle.”

Extraordinary Conceptions is delighted that Care Coordinators will make its surrogacy department more comprehensive and accessible to the women who are helping make parenthood dreams come true for intending parents. Care Coordinators will meet and exceed the needs of its extraordinary surrogates making certain they are satisfied.

Extraordinary Conceptions is considered by many as a model company in the industry. While they appreciate this recognition, they continually redefine their level of service so they remain the leading agency in the nation that intended parents, surrogates, and egg donors seek.


About Extraordinary Conceptions:

Extraordinary Conceptions is an International Egg Donor and Surrogacy Agency headquartered in Southern California in the United States. Extraordinary Conceptions’ mission has always been to help as many people as possible fulfill their dreams of having children. They continue to stand up for equality and fight against discrimination to help create families all over the world. Please visit their website, or call 760-438-2265 for more details.