EC Launches Surrogate Personal Pre-Screening Consult

A “Surrogate Personal Pre-Screening Consult” answers pre-applicant questions.

Since Extraordinary Conceptions unveiled its $1,500 ‘Tis the Season of Giving Surrogate Signing Bonus in December, as anticipated, a large wave of interest among mothers who want to help intending parents fulfill their dreams of parenthood has followed. In light of this overwhelming response, Extraordinary Conceptions decided to add another level of compassionate care to potential candidates called the Surrogate Personal Pre-Screening Consult.

And its early feedback has received praise and kudos.

“There are so many wonderful women who want to be a surrogate but may have some questions before applying. And we encourage those questions from our pre-applicants so they can become better acquainted with who we are and why we are considered one of the leading surrogacy agencies in the world,” said Mario Caballero, the executive director at Extraordinary Conceptions. “Taking this into consideration, we are thrilled to announce our novel Surrogate Personal Pre-Screening Consult in where our Surrogacy Admissions Team, who is made up of women who have been surrogates themselves, can answer all of a woman’s questions and address any concerns she may have before she begins the application process.”

According to Caballero, women can contact Melissa or Carolyn, former surrogates at Extraordinary Conceptions who are now coordinators of the Surrogacy Admissions Team. Above all, this phone or email correspondence is a “No Obligation Consult.”

Instead, it’s a “meet and greet” opportunity so pre-candidates can have their questions heard and answered.

“We want to make sure that surrogacy is right for you so you are fully informed before you begin your journey,” he said. “And don’t forget to ask Melissa or Carolyn about our $1,500 December Surrogate Signing Bonus to see how you can qualify.”

In addition to the December surrogate signing bonus, benefit packages begin at $40,000 for single births and $50,000 for twins.

To set up a special Surrogate Personal Pre-Screening Consult, please call Melissa or Carolyn at (760) 438-2265 or email them at [email protected].