Human Pregnancy
As summertime quickly approaches, Extraordinary Conceptions, a California surrogate and egg donor agency, is offering their sizzling summer surrogate bonuses for the entire month of June. This is the very first time in the agency’s history it is giving a $1,250 new surrogate signing bonus.

This gift of giving continues on since Extraordinary Conceptions also announced its $1,000 Visa/MasterCard Gift Card Surrogate Referral Fee. The power of referring a friend, family member or work associate is immense for those wanting to become mothers and fathers.

The timing of these bonuses could not be more perfect. Just think how these extra summer dollars would be ideal for a vacation getaway.

Surrogates have the potential to earn $32,000 to $60,000 for this memorable journey. These special women make parenthood dreams come true for those battling infertility or are unable to carry a child. These ladies make miracles happen every single day for intended parents.

Surrogates, who are generally between the ages of 21 to 38, are already mothers. They know what it means to experience the love of a child and cannot imagine life without a baby and want to help others in need.

While California surrogates are the highest in demand, others states where surrogacy is legal such as Hawaii, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma, Illinois, and many more are also needed.

Many former surrogates describe their experience as a calling, and one they could not ignore.

One special lady who was a two-time surrogate for Extraordinary Conceptions said, “Surrogacy was one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.”

Surrogacy is paved with hope and courage for those who lost all hope in having a baby.

While Extraordinary Conceptions is indeed offering an incredibly generous bonus, for the agency it is a genuine gesture of heartfelt thanks to those who want to become surrogates. At the end of the day, surrogates are what dreams are made of.

Let’s all unite in the month of June and help those yearning to build a family finally hold the baby they were meant to embrace.

Bonus Incentives Eligibility
To qualify for these bonus incentives, the surrogate applicant must complete the application/registration process between June 1-30, 2015. Bonuses are paid once all legal contracts are signed and according to the month the initial application is submitted. During the application process she must also provide the referral’s name, if applicable.