EC Readies for Asian Tour

EC journeys to Asia in April to help future parents.

Extraordinary Conceptions, a stellar international egg donor and surrogacy agency based in the United States in California, will be hosting complimentary consultations and private appointments throughout Asia during the month of April.

For more than a decade, Extraordinary Conceptions leads the way in helping intending parents around the globe.

Mr. Mario Caballero, the chief executive officer of Extraordinary Conceptions, will personally explain the special journey of parenthood through surrogacy and egg donation in the United States. Highly respected in the industry, Mr. Caballero has had the privilege to be covered in an array of print media publications and television coverage.

The demand is high for intended parents to meet Mr. Caballero and space is limited for Extraordinary Conceptions’ Asian Tour which will occur between the dates of April 11 to April 26. Mr. Caballero is delighted to make his debut in Japan and will be visiting the following locations:  

Japan: Tokyo and Osaka

China: Beijing, Xian, Shanghai and Hong Kong-Macua

Mr. Caballero and his wife struggled with infertility for years and had their twins via surrogacy more than 10 years ago.

Extraordinary Conceptions is considered the leading international surrogacy and egg donor agency in the world. Mr. Caballero will be thrilled to answer questions about his agency and high success rates, fertility centers, how doctors help intended parents, elite egg donors, and the women who would be happy to carry a baby for those wanting to become mothers and fathers through surrogacy.

Additionally, Mr. Caballero will discuss how individuals, couples, including gay spouses, can rely on the United States because of its stable laws in surrogate friendly states. He will also provide information on how individuals and couples return home with their baby who has an American passport and a birth certificate which has the names of the intended parents on it.

For those interested in scheduling a free, private consultation, please contact Mr. Caballero at [email protected] to learn more.