Private Meetings in Brussels and Geneva with EC

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Private Meetings in Brussels and Geneva with EC


The largest international surrogate and egg donor agency in the United States is scheduling a European visit in May 2015. They are traveling to Europe and meeting personally with individuals who want to make parenthood dreams come true.

Their knowledgeable team will be providing information about surrogacy in the United States.

They will schedule free private consultations and on hand will be one of their fluent French speaking administrators. Currently, they are accepting appointments on May 1, 2 and 4 in Brussels and May 8 in Geneva.

Recognized as one of the most legitimate businesses, Extraordinary Conceptions has spent a decade in this compassionate industry, and seven of these years have been dedicated to helping European countries. To date, more than 150 babies have been born to French speaking countries.

Extraordinary Conceptions is transparent in its profession, proclaiming a 100 percent success rate for parents bringing their newborns back to their native country. Its legal team ensures that the names of the intended parents are on the infant’s birth certificate and passport.

Currently, Extraordinary Conceptions has two fluent French speaking employees which help explain details, the costs of the process, and states where surrogacy is legal.

Extraordinary Conceptions educates intended parents all over the world. They also clearly explain that other agencies with lower prices usually have hidden costs.

Extraordinary Conceptions prides itself in its honest business practices.

Space is limited so it’s highly recommended to schedule a free private appointment as soon as possible because Extraordinary Conceptions will be in Europe for only a few days.

For those interested in scheduling a free, private consultation, please contact Candace at We look forward to hearing and meeting with you.

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The information contained on this website should not be relied upon for decision making. The laws related to surrogacy are constantly evolving and Extraordinary Conceptions makes no representation that any information contained herein is consistent with current law. This information is provided solely as a starting point. Please consult with a reproductive attorney for the most current information applicable to your circumstance.

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