EC sponsors AAAA Midyear Meeting in September

EC continues its education in the field of reproductive law at the AAAA Midyear Conference in September 2017.

Extraordinary Conceptions, a leading surrogacy and egg donor agency in Southern California, is pleased to announce its sponsorship role for the three-day Academy Midyear Conference in Anaheim, California. The midyear meeting, hosted by the Members of the American Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Technology Attorneys, is also referred to as AAAA.

The conference theme this year is Master The Magic Of Family Building: Reproductive Technology Law in a Changing World.

The midyear meeting, to begin on Sept. 17, 2017, is opening its doors to any professional in the field of assisted reproduction. Extraordinary Conceptions found the conference a perfect sponsorship opportunity to support the organization while it increases their knowledge in the industry.

Many of the presenters on the panels are AAAA Fellows, who have been vetted and are highly regarded in their field. This group of legal experts is what drove Extraordinary Conceptions, an international surrogacy and egg donor agency based in San Diego County, to become a sponsor.

“Extraordinary Conceptions is incredibly pleased to be part of a notable event. We take pride in participating in conferences like these because we feel it is important to stay informed and educated on all aspects of surrogacy, egg donation, reproductive medicine, and law,” CEO of Extraordinary Conceptions Mario Caballero said. “We are also able to network with other professionals who are in this field and provide information about the services we offer and the many years of experience that we have.”

Not only will Extraordinary Conceptions be one of the conference sponsors, but they will also have an Exhibitor Spot which attendees can visit.

Caballero selected two of his company supervisors to join him at the conference. Agency team members participating are Surrogacy Department Supervisor Ying Bai and Donor Department Supervisor Candace Mahieu. Both have demonstrated excellent leadership and skill.

Caballero noted that in addition to attending this meeting, his agency also takes part in the annual ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) conference as well as many sessions around the world which focus on assisted reproduction.

While the Academy Midyear Conference focuses on reproductive law, the overall experience will add value to their agency, Caballero said.

“The conference will offer us a legal overview of our industry. This opportunity will enhance our organization on a much greater scale. Learning about new or changing laws regarding surrogacy and egg donation is vital to what we do,” he said. Caballero added, “Our continued education will help legally protect our clients as laws are different from state to state. By staying educated, we can save them time and money.”