EC Visits Denmark, Sweden and Norway in April

EC will explain how people can become parents through surrogacy during its European tour in April 2017.

Extraordinary Conceptions, a leading international surrogacy and egg donor agency based in the United States of America, recently announced its return to Europe in April 2017 to help individuals and couples become intended parents. Extraordinary Conceptions is headquartered in San Diego, California, with an additional office on the East Coast to assist its international clients.

From April 14 to 24, this international agency will be hosting free consultations in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Extraordinary Conceptions aims to provide excellent information on how individuals and couples can become parents through surrogacy. Topics of discussion will include the following:

  • How European individuals and couples, regardless of their sexual orientation, can depend on Extraordinary Conceptions to guide their surrogacy journey in the USA
  • Comprehensive information on how new parents will return back to their native country with their baby who has an American passport and a birth certificate (with the names of the intended parents on it)
  • Detailed information about fertility centers, success rates, and how medical specialists help intended parents
  • The screening process of a surrogate, the selection method, and how intending parents can view available surrogates on a secure database
  • The screening process of an egg donor, the selection method, and how intending parents can view available donors on a secure database

And more….

For those interested in meeting Extraordinary Conceptions, please contact Candace at [email protected] to schedule a private appointment. In the meantime, Extraordinary Conceptions invites you to register at in order to have immediate access to its secure database of surrogates and egg donors.


About Extraordinary Conceptions:

Extraordinary Conceptions is an International Egg Donor and Surrogacy Agency headquartered in Southern California in the United States. Extraordinary Conceptions’ mission has always been to help as many people as possible fulfill their dreams of having children. They continue to stand up for equality and fight against discrimination in order to help create families all over the world. Please visit their website for more details on becoming an intended parent.