EC Welcomes Former Surrogate
Every individual who works at Extraordinary Conceptions embodies the characteristics of compassion and genuine care. And when that person has embarked on a surrogate journey with
Extraordinary Conceptions, measuring this level of compassion and knowledge about this heartfelt industry is quite frankly inestimable.


Because the personal experiences she encountered is a vital component to sterling surrogate care. And surrogate mothers deserve the very best. Over the years, we have had the honor to add former surrogates to our team.

On August 31, Extraordinary Conceptions welcomed Mrs. C as their new surrogate advocate and admissions representative whose industry awareness and kindness is immense. Moreover, Mrs. C has a special history with Extraordinary Conceptions – she was one of the agency’s first surrogates. With her effervescent vitality and contagious energy, it’s no surprise to hear how she was a three-time surrogate with Extraordinary Conceptions.

Now teaming up with Extraordinary Conceptions in a different capacity, Mrs. C can barely contain her enthusiasm.

“For me it’s a dream. I loved being a surrogate and I fell in love with Extraordinary Conceptions,” she admitted.

In her heart, Mrs. C knew she would be a perfect match for the position. Surrogates can depend on her for guidance, trustworthiness, patience, and sharp listening ear.

“I’m embracing it and so far loving every moment of it,” she said.

When reminiscing about her surrogate days, Mrs. C shares that her desire to help a couple or individual carry a baby was deeply rooted. In the days of her early youth, Mrs. C encountered some profound challenges that no child should ever have to bear. When she was 7 years old, she was removed from her biological family.

Two years later, things shifted toward a brighter horizon and future. Mrs. C was adopted by a mature woman who had no prior children.

“She loved me more than anyone else had ever shown me. I have always wanted to help someone else experience that same joy,” Mrs. C said. “I was not in a place where I could adopt or foster a child, but I could totally carry a baby and help another family become complete.”

Each woman’s reason in why she wants to become a surrogate is utterly distinctive. For many, however, these women are already mothers and cannot imagine a world without having a child. And when they learn that someone is unable to build their family traditionally, what fuels their desire to help intended parents is sheer empathy.

While the word, “compassion,” is often used to describe surrogates, it truly is their most precious asset.

It means the world to Mrs. C that she is able to help guide surrogates through one of the most memorable journeys they will ever encounter. For Mrs. C, after the birth of her first surro-baby, she said, there was no greater joy than watching her intended mother’s face.

“I had to do it again, and again,” she said.

While compensation for surrogacy begins at $40,000, the pure joy of the experience has a tendency to overshadow the financial rewards because the personal rewards are so grand.

To learn more about surrogacy and to begin the application process today, please visit Extraordinary Conceptions at or call at 760-438-2265.