EC Welcomes New Surrogate Admissions Coordinator

Extraordinary Conceptions appoints Jennifer as their new team member. 


A leading California surrogacy agency has added a new member to its Surrogacy Admissions Team. Based in San Diego, Extraordinary Conceptions is excited to share the news of its newly selected Admissions Care Coordinator, Jennifer Amick.


Why Jennifer Was the Perfect Choice

While Extraordinary Conceptions continues to expand, a vacancy became available for an admissions care coordinator. And Jennifer was this person to fill the seat.

Jennifer and her husband have two children ages six and four.

In her line of previous work, Jennifer specialized in guest services at Barona Casino. While there, she was also a gestational surrogate with Extraordinary Conceptions, not just once, but twice.

Her exceptional track record at Barona Casino coupled with the fact that she was a two-time surrogate made her uniquely qualified to be a great addition to the Extraordinary Conceptions team.


How Jennifer Found Her Surrogacy Agency

When Jennifer worked at Barona Casino, there were a few employees that were gestational carriers. Jennifer said this was the perfect opportunity to observe and hear all about it.

“So I watched them and heard updates for the year that they were pregnant. Then one of them decided to do it again,” Jennifer said. “It was that person I talked to about surrogacy.”

Jennifer learned that the surrogate was going to have her second journey with Extraordinary Conceptions. She had decided not to return to her former agency also based in San Diego.

It was then that Jennifer applied with Extraordinary Conceptions.


Jennifer’s First Surrogacy Journey

After Jennifer applied to become a surrogate and finished the screening process, she had her first journey in 2016. She describes her intended couple as incredibly sweet. This was an international surrogacy which means her intended parents lived outside of the United States.

“They spoke English well enough to where a translator was never needed,” Jennifer said.


Jennifer Made a Dream Come True

Jennifer learned during her first journey that she was her intending parents only hope. The couple who were in their forties just had one embryo left for in vitro fertilization.

“I learned that the intending mother underwent ten failed IVF transfers. They were on their very last embryo, and it was a little girl,” Jennifer said. “At that point, the idea of surrogacy was brought up, and they decided to pursue it.”

Jennifer gave birth to a 9-pound baby girl in March 2016.

Call it serendipity, but Jennifer was able to help build a family for someone who could think of little else.


Why Jennifer Decided to Be a Repeat Surrogate

Jennifer gave birth to her surrogate baby in March 2016 and decided to have a back-to-back journey with another surrogacy in October 2016.

Like before, the parents only had one more embryo left. And again, the pregnancy with Jennifer was a success.

On this round, Jennifer experienced some bleeding early on and was on bedrest for four weeks. After this, the bleeding resolved, and things were back on track again.

She delivered a baby boy in 2017.


How Jennifer’s Passion for Surrogacy Continues

Even though Jennifer completed two surrogacies, the fulfillment she receives by helping intending parents make family wishes come true continues. As an admissions care coordinator, Jennifer interviews potential surrogates and provides them with sage wisdom when they need it most.

The compassion Jennifer has to help others lives on at Extraordinary Conceptions.