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While so much wonderful praise is sprinkled upon surrogates, one must always remember what a significant role an egg donor plays in helping a childless couple or individual become a family. In so many instances and personal circumstances, an egg donor is the missing piece to the familial puzzle.

An egg donor may very well be equally as vital as a surrogate. Depending on the situation for each future parent, one or both may be needed to make their dreams of parenthood come true once and for all.

Extraordinary Conceptions, an international surrogate and egg donor agency, understands that one of the most important components in finding the right egg donor is having a databank which is diverse and plentiful. Always exceeding the needs of its intended parents, this international agency has more than 2,400 egg donors in its database.

Extraordinary Conceptions’ database isn’t stagnant. Every week, 10 to 20 new egg donors are added onto this elite list.

There is no other agency in the nation with a roster of this size. Likewise, in addition to this impressive number, these egg donors are select because of their comprehensive medical and psychological screenings.

Meeting the American Society for Reproductive Medicine egg donor guidelines, Extraordinary Conceptions’ donors are between the ages of 18 to 29. These women are intelligent, compassionate and have a will to help those in need.

Our professional and caring team members, some of which are former surrogates and egg donors, are a welcome to both intended parents, along with future egg donors and surrogates. This empathetic team will guide all involved toward one mission: to have a baby.

Headquartered in Southern California, Extraordinary Conceptions has recognized some core camaraderie among its egg donors. While each woman is distinct, there remains a common thread during this journey.

There’s a blend of compassion and a call to action to serve. Be it a couple battling infertility or gay husbands yearning for a baby, these insightful women want to make a profound difference in the lives of others.

Our agency recognizes the incredible contributions these women make and generously compensates them for their dedication and commitment.

To learn more about Extraordinary Conceptions, please call 760-438-2265. Please visit its database of egg donors and surrogates at