Fifteen years ago, our founders opened the doors to Extraordinary Conceptions. When we launched our business out in Carlsbad, California, , it was with the mission to help North American families become whole through fertility treatments like egg donation and surrogacy. 

For years, we worked with both Canadian and Americans to build families and give that gift to others. Eventually, we realised that our clients would be better served if we dedicated an entire location to our donors, families, and surrogates outside of the USA. That’s why we opened our first Canadian location in Ontario. We wanted intended parents, surrogates and egg donors to have a comfortable and convenient place to meet, work through details, and embark on this special journey— without needing to apply for a passport. 

Wherever in Canada you may reside, our team at Extraordinary Conceptions is here to provide you with the resources you need to begin your journey as a parent or a helping hand for another family. We work exclusively with the best IVF clinics in the country, and will be able to get you in contact with  local family and reproductive legal assistance. This journey is rewarding, but there is a fair amount of leg work that needs to be done— it’s our job to help lighten that load and make sure this time is more exciting than overwhelming or confusing. 

Egg Donation in Quebec: Information for Intended Parents

The term “it takes a village” has never felt truer. These days, families come in all shapes and sizes— and for some, that means teaming up with egg donors. Quebec parents-to-be can work with donors from all across Canada— and indeed, the world— in order to find the best match for them and their growing family. 

If you are hoping to begin your own family-building journey through egg donation, we’re here to help you out— we’re a part of that greater village! We’ve helped many families grow through egg donation in Quebec, and we’re ready to add yours to that list.

We offer the following services to our intended parents:

  • A database of over 3,600 egg donors
    Choosing an egg donor is not a quick decision. Many factors are involved, and it requires careful consideration. With thousands of donors to view and decide between, we know that you would like to start looking right away and get started. That’s why we allow our intended parents access to our entire egg donor database as soon as their application is submitted. This can all be done online, so you can consider your options in a comfortable and personal space.
  • Assistance in multiple languages
    We know that not all of our Quebec families are French or English speaking— there are 48 languages spoken in Montreal alone! It’s because of this that we’ve made it a priority for our team to be multilingual; we want to help as many couples as possible make their dreams come true, whether they speak Quebecoise, Cantonese, or Creole.
  • Gestational surrogates
    Please note that, though gestational surrogacy options are possible only where applicable/legal, that includes Canada!
  • S.A.F.E program
    Your future family is an investment, and it’s important for us to protect that for you without pressure or stress. That’s why we developed the S.A.F.E program, or the Single Agency Fee Experience. With S.A.F.E, intended parents can rest assured that, if their first fertility cycle was not successful, they can give it another go with a different donor— without paying an additional agency fee.  (*Some restrictions apply.)
  • STRESS-FREE program
    As an additional measure to protect our intended parents, the STRESS-FREE program allows our intended parents to begin their search for a donor immediately, before paying any fees. It also gives intended parents the option to hold off on making full payments in full until their donor has been approved by the IVF clinic.
  • Onsite specialists and services
    In order to give you all the support you need, our centre has an in-house team of specialists, including licensed marriage & family therapist, insurance expert, notary, and travel department.

Receiving an Egg Donation in Quebec

Having a child is always a personal and emotional experience. This is often amplified for couples who are building their family through the helping hands of an egg donor. During such a sensitive and exciting time, many intended parents prefer to search for their donor in the privacy of their own home, and on their own time. That’s why we make our database of nearly 4,000 donors available for browsing as soon as a couple submits their application with us. That will give time to carefully consider as many options as they need, as well as determine what traits they might be looking for in a donor.

Of course,  our Toronto centre is only a flight or train journey away, should you want any help with this in-person.

Can I Work With a Surrogate Here in Quebec?

Quebec is not a friendly province for surrogacy, but for locals, that doesn’t mean that the option is off the table. If a surrogate is what you need to bring your child into the world and complete your family, you most certainly can still have that choice. However, your surrogate will be able to safely deliver your baby in another province. 

Egg Donation in Quebec

If you’re interested in using your great genes and big heart to help a set of parents build their family, you’re probably curious about what steps need to be taken. 

There are  six major steps for egg donation in Quebec:

  • Apply
    There’s no need to fly to Toronto to apply— you can do the entire thing online, whenever you’d like.
  • Find a Match
    After you fill out your application, you can sit tight and get back to your life. Eventually, someone will spot you in the database and ask us to see more. When that happens, we’ll reach out.
  • Undergo Screening
    For everybody’s safety, it’s important for prospective egg donors to undergo a series of tests and screenings before beginning their process. This entire screening process tends to last around a month, and will include STD and drug tests, as well as a doctor’s visit for physical and psychological examinations. A background check and genetic testing will also be required.
  • Work with Lawyers
    As with medical screening, legal assistance is necessary for the safety and protection of everybody involved in this process. Together, with the help of our respective attorneys, you and your intended parents will draw up a contact.
  • Take Your Meds
    As an egg donor, your health is of utmost importance. In the time leading up to your retrieval, you will be expected to undergo regular ultrasounds, give frequent blood work, and take daily hormone injections. You will be monitored very closely this whole time by doctors.
  • Retrieval Time!
    The day has come! The retrieval process is fairly minimal, but we would certainly suggest that you take a day or two off to recuperate. Snuggle up, order some poutine delivery, and throw your favourite show on streaming.  You did it! Another family will find joy because of what you did today.

We have so much adoration and respect for donors, that we felt it was important to offer a few services to make their experience as comfortable as possible. For us, that means footing the bill on any travel related to your donation— that can be in either the US or here in Canada. You will have access to our in-house, licensed therapists, receive free fertility and genetic screenings, and connect to previous and current donors. 

The requirements for egg donation in Quebec (and all of Canada) are:

  • You must be between the ages of 18-29.
  • You must have a healthy BMI of 27 or under.
  • You must not smoke or use recreational drugs.

Whether you’re a hopeful parent or a helping hand for another family, our team at Extraordinary Conceptions is here to guide you through the egg donation and fertility process. We’ve offered compassionate and professional assistance to families across Canada and the US for fifteen years, and we’d love for your story to become a part of ours. Give us a call at (647) 749-2283, or you can email [email protected]— someone will be in touch with you very soon.