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Attention Current Egg Donors!

Are you currently an egg donor with Extraordinary Conceptions that has children already? Have you ever given thought to becoming a surrogate as another way to help make someone’s dream of having a baby come true?
Did you know that you can register to do both? We are offering our egg donors who also meet the requirements to be a surrogate an extra $500 in addition to the current signing bonus* if you apply before April 30, 2017. Call us today for more details or go to our website and fill out the online registration and be sure to mention that you are currently a donor with us. (760) 438-2265

*Signing Bonuses are dispersed in the form of Visa Gift Cards once all legal contracts have been signed.

Donors in Demand

We currently have Intended Parents who have specific needs when it comes to their Egg Donor. These needs can vary from specific blood types to educational backgrounds to location of the donor and more. Please contact us for more information if you feel you meet one of these specific needs and want to help these parents. Make sure you submit your initial application as well so we can begin the process with you.

Asian Egg Donors Wanted

Are you of Asian decent?

We are currently in need of Asian Egg Donors!

We’re looking for various East Asian ethnicities including, but not limited to Chinese, Japanese and Korean heritage. We are especially looking for 100% full ethnicities, but mixed Asian heritage is also needed. Due to the high demand, higher compensation is offered to these donors. Please contact us for more details.

Ivy Leagues Egg Donors Wanted

Did you attend an Ivy League College?

We are currently in need of Ivy League Egg Donors!

We’re looking for women who are currently enrolled in or have graduated from an Ivy League College (or other top ranking university). If you attend or have attended any of the following colleges, please contact us and apply today for more information about our parents. Well educated donors can receive higher compensation for their time. When you submit your initial application, please type “Ivy” in the Comments/Questions section of the application.
Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, and Yale University, Stanford, Duke, MIT, Caltech, USC, etc.