The Egg Donation Process

egg donation processBelow you’ll find some basic information about the egg donation process from start to finish. We look forward to working with you and helping make dreams of family a reality. If you have any questions about egg donation, please don’t hesitate to ask us. You can always call us directly or e-mail us with any questions you may have.

It’s important to note that if travel is required, it is paid up front with per diem. (Per diem is provided per 24 hours overnight.) Future Parents are also responsible for the costs for the medical screening, insurance, legal fees, etc.

Step 1: Submit Your Donor Application

If you meet the basic requirements, click HERE to submit your initial application. Someone from our Egg Donor team will get in touch with you to answer questions and help make sure you complete your online profile. Make sure you provide as much details as possible on the application sections. We ask for 8-15 pictures of yourself to be e-mailed to us to put on your profile to show intended parents what you look like at varying ages from childhood to the present.

Step 2: Getting Matched with Future Parents

Your online profile will be made “Available” once you complete the profile and submit your pictures. Future Parents can search for donors using our very private and secure database. They’ll be looking at details such as likeness, ethnicity, education, etc. When there are future parents interested in working with you, an Egg Donor Coordinator will contact you and get the screening process started.

Step 3: The Screening Process

After you’ve been selected by parents, your Egg Donor Coordinator and the fertility clinic will work with you to schedule your medical screening appointment. This appointment usually involves a physical exam, genetic testing, STD testing and drug/nicotine screening and other blood tests. During your screening appointment the Egg Donor Nurse Coordinator will cover the entire donation process with you. You will also complete a background check and psychological screening in order to complete the screening process. Results from your medical screening are usually returned within 3-6 weeks.

Step 4: The Legal Process

After you received medical clearance, you’ll enter the legal part of the process. The contracts start with the recipients and their attorney and then go to you and your attorney. This can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks to complete until all parties are satisfied. This is paid for by the future parents.

Step 5: Medications and Monitoring

Once you have legal clearance, you’ll receive your calendar for medications and monitoring and travel if necessary. During this time you’ll give yourself daily injections to stimulate egg development using very small needles which go into the skin of the thigh or abdomen. You’ll also be monitored very closely by the clinic (or a selected local clinic if your fertility clinic is not near your home) and go in for blood work and vaginal ultrasounds to make sure that your body is responding well to the medications.

Step 6: The Retrieval

The retrieval itself is a minimally invasive, out-patient procedure in which you are given a mild sedative. The procedure takes less than 1 hour and after 30-45 minutes in the recovery room, you’ll be allowed to leave with your travel companion. Most donors tell us that they don’t remember the procedure afterwards. Your clinic will schedule a follow up session if appropriate. Your compensation check will be mailed to you within 10 business days following your retrieval.

Additional Information:

Donors are able to donate up to six (6) times per the current American Society of Reproductive Medicine’s (ASRM’s) guidelines. Please note that these guidelines are recommendations, not rules. More and more clinics are open to additional donations and will discuss that with donors on a case by case basis. Since egg donation is such a rewarding experience, many of our donors asked to be made available on the site right away!