EC Welcomes Former Surrogate
While Mother’s Day is a time for family celebrations, for women struggling with infertility, it may very well be a day filled with empty dreams peppered with sadness. Childless mothers do the best that they can on this day and find various ways to cope.

The one thing to always remember is to never lose hope. If a traditional pregnancy may not be on the horizon, there are indeed other ways to make those motherhood dreams come true.

Through surrogacy and egg donation, a woman may begin to see the reality of actually celebrating Mother’s Day in the near future.

While so much has been said about the altruistic women who serve as surrogates, one group of women also play a valuable role in the journey are egg donors.

While each intended mother’s needs are different, an egg donor may be needed for her to become pregnant, whereas an egg donor may be the most optimal way of having a child via surrogacy.

In many ways, an egg donor remains a vital piece to complete the familial puzzle. Without her, the process would remain at a standstill.

Chris White, a donor for Extraordinary Conceptions, a leading international surrogate and egg donor agency in San Diego, had an incredibly positive experience knowing she was making a difference to a woman yearning to become a mother.

Recently she told the Extraordinary Conceptions team, “I just wanted to say thank you all so much for such an amazing experience. I have felt so well taken care of throughout this process. I would definitely be interested again in helping other couples to grow their family.”

Oftentimes, egg donors have such a wonderful journey helping an intended mother that they cannot wait to do it again. Repeat egg donors are cherished since they are the foundation in this family building process.
While donors experience this joy, it truly is the intended parents who cannot thank them enough for what they have done for them.

“Thank you so much for all your help. Our donor was wonderful,” said intended parents, referring to their experience at Extraordinary Conceptions. “We’re looking forward to growing our family thanks to our generous donor and the kindness you’ve shown us… we are in your debt.”

While words such as this resonate at the headquarters, the agency’s success is truly measured by the remarkable women who step forward to become egg donors and surrogates. These extraordinary women are the beating heart of the agency for the last decade.

As Mother’s Day nears, it’s the hope of the Extraordinary Conceptions team that those women who are battling infertility are treated with tenderness. And with the kindhearted help of egg donors and surrogates, an unwavering compassion to be of service will enable a childless woman to hold her baby next year during Mother’s Day.

Every woman deserves the love of a child.

To learn more about being an egg donor or surrogate, please contact Extraordinary Conceptions at 760-438-2265 or visit its website at