Egg Donors: Choosing An Agency

In the era of third-party reproduction, women who decide to become an egg donor or a surrogate have the power to make parenthood dreams become a reality. Without these incredible women, so many individuals around the world would be unable to build their families and continue to experience an aching void in their lives.

Surrogate mothers and egg donors bridge this parental gap every single day. And Asian egg donors are playing a vital role in history right this very minute. The one-child policy ban is allowing couples in China to add another child to their family, and elite Asian donors are not only in high demand with generous compensation, but they are also incredibly revered for their kindheartedness.

Like surrogates, donors should find an egg donor agency in good standing with a decade or more in the industry who partners with top-tier fertility clinics and IVF centers around the nation. While specific international agencies fit into these categories, another area which raises an agency to an even higher level is their compassionate care.

Egg donors, including Asian egg donors, can have the best of both worlds: an excellent agency and attentive care.

And hearing testimonials from former egg donors can help a woman solidify her decision.

“In all my life, I have never worked with someone so responsive and accommodating,” said an egg donor from Extraordinary Conceptions, referring to Candace, their donor coordinator. She continued, “Throughout this donation she has gone above and beyond to keep me informed, feeling secure and exceptionally prepared for each next step or road bump. Never have I felt I could trust someone more with the intimate details of not only my health but also my personal life, my schedule and my needs.”

Finding team members of an egg donor agency with such pristine caliber can be done. And every egg donor deserves to be treated with professionalism, compassion, and respect.

This kind egg donor went on to say, “Candace is a massive asset and I would like to request her in the future if possible when doing further donations with the company. I only have fabulous things to say about her service and she alone has convinced me that you are the best choice in donation coordination.”

It’s feedback like this which makes an egg donor agency stand out from the rest through hard work and dedication.